Teaching Artist Training Lab 2014-2015

Applications Due July 24
Photo courtesy TAT Lab

The Washington State Teaching Artist Training (TAT) Lab is a professional development program with a focus on supporting arts education as part of basic education in K-12 schools. This training is appropriate for experienced professional teaching artists looking to enhance or refresh their work, particularly in the areas of assessment strategies and well-articulated learning plans, as well as newer teaching artists seeking foundational knowledge. Participants will benefit from peer learning and reflection which is rare in this profession. TAT Lab is based on the philosophy that reflective practice and thoughtful planning are essential to effective educational experiences – and a key building block for partnering with schools and classroom teachers.

The 2014-15 TAT Lab cohort will include up to 36 teaching artists, working in all artistic disciplines and all regions of Washington State. The program runs September 2014 - April 2015. Participants will:

  • Attend three in-person training sessions lasting 2-3 days and held in Seattle
  • Participate in five 90-minute teleconferences facilitated by a teaching artist mentor
  • Learn about best practices in arts education through reading assignments and discussion
  • Develop a written learning plan to be implemented in a K-12 classroom
  • Receive ongoing, individualized support from teaching artist mentors and peers
Photo courtesy TAT Lab

Attendance at all in-person sessions and teleconferences is mandatory. For more information or to apply, visit: http://www.sct.org/For-Educators/TAT-Lab/

PNB partners with the following organizations for TAT:
The Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI)
Seattle Children’s Theatre
Book-It Repertory Theatre
Arts Corps

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