What PNB Fans Are Saying

LOVE STORIES, November 4– 13, 2011

"Ballet just doesn't get any better than this performance, nowhere." —Art

"I attended Friday’s opening night of Love Stories.  For me, the most memorable piece was Robbins’s Afternoon of a Faun.  In particular, Jerome Tisserand was perfect in the male role.  He seemed both a boy and a man, by turns.  The choreography, which incorporated the everyday warm-up stretches of a dancer, seemed as natural and beautiful as a sleek cat, stretching in a beam of sunlight.  Though the piece was short, it had a concentrated strength, the way a well-crafted short story does, and it left a strong, lasting impression.

"Referring once again to Mr. Tisserand, he performed the Bluebird Pas de Deux beautifully -- light on his feet and laser-sharp precision!
Moving on, Carrie Imler made the Black Swan pas de deux seem like child’s play.   One felt she could easily have doubled those 32 fouettés to 64, with energy to spare.  She was well into character – all spark and wicked sauciness.  Then, in Roméo et Juliette, Kaori Nakamura danced so lightly and precisely that she seemed to weigh nothing at all.  She embodied the pure excitement and joy of first love, which does indeed make one feel unbound by laws of gravity.  Ms. Nakamura was a delightful and lovely Juliette (and Mr. Postlewaite a worthy young suitor)!

"I enjoyed the entire program.  My only criticism would be for Mr. Bold, who seemed to struggle a bit in partnering Ms. Rausch, although Ms. Rausch performed the demanding choreography with beauty, precision, and strength.
Thank you, PNB, for another wonderful night out, at the ballet!" —Katherine

"Dancing was outstanding and the orchestra put on quite a show." —Rick

"Excellent dancers and superb presentation.  I do miss the "principals" not dancing in key roles." —Anonymous

"We attended the Saturday matinee.  We enjoyed the ballet but felt that there were more errors than we are used to.  We wondered if some of the less experienced dancers were being given a trial.  At the risk of being heretical, we felt the Balanchine "Baiser" was less interesting." —Charlie

"What a remarkable performance that once again demonstrated so eloquently the amazing dancing with which the PNB company continues to delight us all! In addition to the beautiful choreography, skilled and moving performances of the company, wonderful music, gorgeous costumes, and creative scenery and lighting, the precise coordination of the groups is incredible! Deepest thanks." —Dee

"It was beautiful! I'm going to see it again next weekend!!" —Anonymous

"Actually, the two of us that attend together felt that some of the dancers didn't seem as well prepared--hesitant, unsure, etc.  I especially noted that the form of some of the male dancers when 'airborn' didn't look as polished.  There may have been gaps in the choreography that made it seem as though the dancers weren't as ready to perform, perhaps.

"We had come to our conclusions separately and mentioned it to each other in discussion, afterward.  We have been season ticket holders for over 15 years, I think, and have been more aware of dancers' performances of late.

"We were also disappointed that more wasn't made of the 'retirement' of the principals last season.  Especially, since so much was made of one the previous year. 

"The costuming in 'Sleeping Beauty' was outstanding and it was enjoyable to see 'bits and pieces'.  Sometimes the music seemed to leave us 'hanging.'" —Sharon

"I attended the Dress Rehearsal and all performances of the opening weekend of LOVE STORIES. The dancing was superb. The sets, lighting and costumes are PERFECT.

"This program shows the depth of talent on the PNB roster. No matter who dances what role, the performance was first class throughout. Each performance was a beautiful and moving experience." —David

"We were enthralled by dance performances with their talent and enthusiasms.  Carrie Imler’s strength, Kylee Kitchens and Jerome Tisserand’s erotic movements, Kaori’s precision were all enjoyable and enticed our attention to the stage.  We have always enjoyed PNB’s choreography and superb orchestra.  We look forward to future performances." —Allen

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