Principal Roles

Week 1

7:30 PM
2:00 PM
7:30 PM
Brief Fling
Blue Nakamura* Rausch* Nakamura
  Radetsky*† J. Tisserand* Radetsky†
Red Kitchens* Kitchens Kitchens
  Hipolioto Jr.* Hipolito Jr. Hipolito Jr.
  Chapman* Chapman Chapman
  Griffiths* Griffiths Griffiths
Green Biasucci* Biasucci Biasucci
  Porretta* Porretta Porretta
  Gaines* Gaines Gaines
  Thomson* Thomson Thomson
Waiting at the Station
  Moore* Moore Moore
  Suddarth* Suddarth Suddarth
  Imler* Imler Imler
  Gaines* Gaines Gaines
  L. Tisserand* L. Tisserand L. Tisserand
  Porretta* Porretta Porretta
  Adomaitis* Adomaitis Adomaitis
  Macy* Macy Macy
  Pasch* Pasch Pasch
Nine Sinatra Songs
Softly As Rausch Rausch Kitchens
I Leave You Grant* Grant Grant
Strangers in Dec Dec L. Tisserand*
the Night Bold Bold Lin-Yee
One For My Baby Chapman Merchant* Chapman
  Moore Thomson* Moore
Somethin' Stupid Imler Reid Reid
  Porretta Cardea* Cardea
All the Way Ricard Murphy* Ricard
  Cruz McCall* Cruz
Forget Domani Mullin* Mullin Samuelson
  Griffiths Griffiths Gaines
That's Life Nakamura Nakamura Foster
  Orza Orza J. Tisserand

Week 2

7:30 PM
7:30 PM
7:30 PM
1:00 PM
Brief Fling
Blue Nakamura Rausch Rausch Rausch
  J. Tisserand J. Tisserand J. Tisserand J. Tisserand
Red Kitchens Foster* Kitchens Foster
  Hipolioto Jr. Hipolito Jr. Hipolito Jr. Hipolito Jr.
  Chapman Samuelson* Chapman Samuelson
  Griffiths Davis* Griffiths Davis
Green Biasucci Generosa* Biasucci Generosa
  Porretta Suddarth* Porretta Suddarth
  Gaines Loch* Gaines Loch
  Thomson Thomson Thomson Thomson
Waiting at the Station
  Moore Moore Moore Moore
  Suddarth Suddarth Suddarth Suddarth
  Imler Imler Imler Imler
  Gaines Gaines Gaines Gaines
  Foster* Foster Foster L. Tisserand
  Porretta Porretta Porretta Porretta
  Adomaitis Adomaitis Adomaitis Adomaitis
  Macy Macy Macy Macy
  Pasch Pasch Pasch Pasch
Nine Sinatra Songs
Softly As Rausch Kitchens Kitchens Kitchens
I Leave You Grant Grant Grant Grant
Strangers in L. Tisserand Dec Dec L. Tisserand
the Night Lin-Yee Bold Bold Lin-Yee
One For Chapman Merchant Merchant Chapman
My Baby Moore Thomson Thomson Moore
Somethin' Reid Imler Imler Reid
Stupid Cardea Porretta Porretta Cardea
All the Murphy Ricard Ricard Murphy
Way McCall Cruz Cruz McCall
Forget Mullin Samuelson Generosa* Samuelson
Domani Griffiths Gaines Griffiths Gaines
That's Nakamura Nakamura Nakamura Foster
Life Orza Orza Orza J. Tisserand

*First Time in Role
†Guest Artist

Casting subject to change.

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