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A world of enchantment awaits you at Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker.

In Honor of Maurice Sendak

"Maurice Sendak, an artist who taught us to dream in color." - Peter Boal

Young Dancers Audition for Nutcracker

"There I was at the audition day...I was a little nervous and not nervous at the same time." - BenJohn "BJ"

Nutcracker—Then & Now

Can you guess all 7 dancers from Nutcracker photos of when they were young?

PNB's Nutcracker—"Triple Whammy"

Follow PNB Corps de Ballet dancer Jessika Anspach as she performs 3 roles in 1 performance of Nutcracker!

PNB's Nutcracker—On Being a Party Girl

There are beautiful costumes, troublesome curls, and lots of fun, both onstage and off!

Nutcracker all year round!

Ever wondered what Nutcracker does the rest of the year? Well, let's just say he doesn't always fit in...

PNB's Nutcracker Imagery

Here's a little teaser of Pacific Northwest Ballet's annual tradition of the Nutcracker!

PNB's Nutcracker Trailer—2010

Preview PNB's 2010 Nutcracker! "The thrill of the children both in the audience and on stage is contagious." (The Seattle Times)

KJR's Spike O'Neill in Nutcracker

Check out Spike performing as the Grandfather in PNB's Nutcracker—The Northwest Holiday Tradition!

PNB's Nutcracker About Town

PNB's Nutcracker visits all of your favorite landmarks.

PNB's Nutcracker Trailer—2009

With sets and costumes designed by Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are), and choreography by Kent Stowell, PNB's Nutcracker should be on everyone's holiday calendar!

PNB's Nutcracker Load-In Time Lapse.

Watch PNB prepare the stage for The Northwest's Favorite Holiday Tradition!

PNB's Nutcracker—Party Scene Children.

The Northwest's Favorite Holiday Tradition!

PNB Dancers on Learning Nutcracker

Find out what it's like to dance in the falling snow...

Nutcracker Flowers excerpt

Let the Tchaikovsky music roll over you and feast your eyes on this Christmas tradition!

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