Mara Vinson and Batkhurel Bold in Rassemblement. Photo © Angela Sterling

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s (Cylindrical Shadows) critically-acclaimed signature piece, Before After, a PNB premiere, unmasks the turmoil just before a relationship ends. David Dawson’s breathtaking, hyper-extended A Million Kisses to my Skin references the intoxicating bliss dancers experience while performing. Rassemblement, Nacho Duato’s poignant work set to slave songs by Haitian artist Toto Bissainthe, embodies communal yearning and resistance in a climate of oppression. The program also features a world premiere (Debonair) by New York City Ballet’s rising dancer-choreographer Justin Peck, praised for creation that “seems to come easily, naturally, from a quick and brimming intelligence” (New York Observer).

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