How many tickets would constitute a "group" order?
10 tickets for all performances except for Nutcracker, then you need 15.

Do I have to pay when I make my reservation?
No, payment is due approximately two weeks before the performance and you can make adjustments to your order up until that time.

Do we all have to come to the same performance?
Most circumstances require that a group must come to the same performance. Ask for details.

Are there additional discounts for children or seniors?
No, everyone gets the same group discount, which amounts to MORE than what a child or senior discount would be.

Is there a place where our group could meet before the performance?
Yes, there are meeting rooms in McCaw Hall that we would gladly let your group use if available on the day of your performance.

What if our group wanted a tour of McCaw Hall?
Depending on availability, tours may be requested and confirmation would be made in advance of the performance date.

How do I purchase group tickets?
Call the PNB Box Office Group Sales Representative at 206.441.2416, or our online contact form.

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