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Best Available
Dress Circle Preferred $184.00
First Tier Box $184.00
First Tier Box Preferred $184.00
Director's Preferred $142.00
Dress Circle $127.00
Orchestra Preferred $127.00
Orchestra $119.00
First Tier Center $102.00
Second Tier Box $102.00
First Tier Preferred $102.00
First Tier Side Interior $87.00
Gallery Upper $87.00
Orchestra Side $87.00
Orchestra Back $87.00
First Tier Side $72.00
Gallery Lower $54.00
Orchestra Front $54.00
Second Tier Front $54.00
Gallery Floor * $54.00
Standing Room Orchestra * $37.00
Second Tier Rear $37.00
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* Section Not Available—This generally means that the section is sold out. However, you may check back to see if availability changes. Call 206.441.2424 for info.
* Standing Room is only available when all other sections are sold out.
Note: PNB is currently developing changes to be implemented in order to attain compliancy with new regulations regarding the online sale of ADA accessible tickets.

Beginning Open Class is Cancelled Tonight (9/30/14)
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