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Romeo & Juliet: The Timeless Story of Young Love

By Noel Pederson

While it is one of the most famous examples in modern Western culture, Romeo and Juliet is just one of many tales of young love thwarted that have been told in many cultures across the world for thousands of years. From the Persian tale of Layla and […]

The Enduring Popularity of Romeo and Juliet

By Leah Dooley

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare’s second most popular play. It is one of the most produced and most depicted in the visual arts, and it’s the only Shakespeare play referenced in Taylor Swift’s discography. But did you know that ever since the 16th century, […]

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The Story of Giselle-Act 2

The curtain opens in a dark and gloomy forest on the banks of a pond. Giselle’s tombstone can be seen at the left; the bluish gleam of the moon gives a cold and misty appearance to the scene. Several gamekeepers arrive, hoping to set up an observation post, but Hilarion warns them away: […]

The Story of Giselle-Act 1

As the curtain rises on a picturesque scene in a small German village, vinegatherers depart for the harvest. Hilarion the gamekeeper arrives, hoping to see the lovely Giselle. He hides when his rival Albrecht—really a Duke disguised as a peasant named Loys—emerges from his cottage, with his squire Wilfride. Wilfride begs his master […]

Tell The Tale: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

ACT I – A forest near Athens, one Midsummer eve

The First Act takes place in a forest near the duke’s palace. Oberon, King of the Fairies, and Titania, his queen, quarrel over the Indian child they both want. Oberon orders Puck to bring the flower pierced by Cupid’s arrow (which […]

Tell the Tale: The Sleeping Beauty

Each moment of Pacific Northwest Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty faithfully portrays the beloved fairy tale with grand classical ballet, Tchaikovsky’s treasured music, magnificent sets, and exquisite costumes. Delivering this February’s most perfect Valentine, The Sleeping Beauty at PNB promises a complete happily-ever-after experience for all ages.

Prologue – The Christening
In the fairytale […]

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