Dear Friends,

Our NEW WORKS program offers three exciting pieces by three young choreographers. (The oldest turned 40 last week.) Two are new to PNB audiences and one returns with a second premiere. Here are a few interesting facts about this program and what’s going on right now at PNB:

According to choreographer David Dawson, “a million kisses to the skin” is the sensation that an artist gets when everything is working.

Despite widespread popularity in Europe with works in numerous companies, PNB is only the second US company to perform a work by David.

It was photographer Angela Sterling who first introduced me to David’s work.

One of the gestures in Kisses is called “taking the T-shirt off” another is called “taking the wet T-shirt off.”

David danced for William Forsythe. Victor Quijada danced for Twyla Tharp.

Each of these three choreographers is tri-lingual and Annabelle speaks five languages.

I first became aware of Victor Quijada’s work when we shared a dressing room 15 years ago and he gave me a demo tape of his work.

Jasper Gahunia created an original composition for the premiere of Mating Theory. Jasper spent the last two days snowboarding at Whistler.

Cylindrical Shadows is a co-creation with Olivier Wevers’ Whim W’Him. Olivier was the stager for PNB. Annabelle’s brother went to high school with Olivier.

The aria in Cylindrical Shadows is sung by Susan Graham. It is from Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas.

Visiting us during this program are the executive director of the Joyce Theater in New York, the editor of Dance Magazine, the artistic directors of Los Angeles Ballet, Washington Ballet, and Boston Ballet.

You heard it here and we’ll see you there. Enjoy it and tell a friend. This is a water cooler program and talking it up starts with you.

Peter Boal

Featured photo: PNB Company dancers (l-r) Lindsi Dec, Carrie Imler, & Rachel Foster in Victor Quijada’s Suspension of Disbelief. ©Angela Sterling.