Love Letters

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“I am a New Yorker and NYCB and ABT lover but have always loved PNB as well. I bid to watch the company from backstage at Jacobs Pillow and it was wonderful. Sorry for the temporary suspension of your performances.”

“I grew up watching the company perform. PNB is a magnificent company creating wonderful art. Your company has inspired my career today.”

“Hang in there, we need you to make it!”

“I look forward to going to the PNB for all of its performances. It’s my moment to sit in the dark, let my mind go blank and watch the magnificent artistry come to life. I subscribe to a ticket package with my friends, but I kind of like it when plans change and I end up going by myself and just tuning out. It’s a great escape that I look forward to greatly. I love performances that showcase the dancers’ extraordinary skill and athleticism.”

“As we, a nation and community, face this unprecedented situation it is our obligation as a society to support the arts. The unknown of this crisis is what feels us with stress, fear, and dread. The honesty and candor in which you shared the current financial situation of Pacific Northwest Ballet and PNB School are appreciated more than our family will ever be able to fully acknowledge. PNB is a backbone to the greater Seattle area and I have full faith that this will pass and the PNB community will come back stronger than ever.”

“Your work is “essential,” in the core meaning of the word — essential to our humanity, our spirit, our imagination. (We also ADORED the taped dress rehearsal performance of One Thousand Pieces that you made available to subscribers, and wanted to thank you for it.)”

“I used to take my girls to see your ballet back in the 90s. I miss it very much. I am old now, the girls married and moved far away. But I always picture Swan Lake from the many times we went to see it when they grew up in Washington. We have no ballet where we live. Thank you for those memories. It’s what lives in my mind when I have to have MRIs. I close my eyes, see the dancers, hear the orchestra. It helps me through the hardest of times.”

Learn More about the Relief Fund