PNBConditioning Pilates in Seattle and Bellevue



Originally designed for PNB dancers and students, today PNBConditioning uses the Pilates method to help people from all walks of life strengthen and sculpt their bodies. PNBConditioning develops core strength and stability, promotes long lean muscles, increases flexibility, and works for any fitness level.

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“Thanks to PNBConditioning I now have much better core strength and flexibility than I could have imagined. The facilities, the surroundings, and especially the instructors create a great support system for both new and experienced clients. Each one has helped, encouraged and often pushed me to a better level of fitness. It’s a great program with great people and I highly recommend it for all body types and all ages. Thank you PNBConditioning!”

Donald B. Paterson, former Chief Financial Officer, PNB

“After years without regular physical exercise, I began Pilates instruction at PNB’s Conditioning studio to prepare for my first ski trip in a decade. Two years later I am hooked. The combination of stress reduction and core strength development I get from Pilates is now essential to my sense of well being. The facilities and staff make the hard work fun and rewarding!”

Virginia Anderson, Director, Seattle Center

“You really feel how your mind body and spirit are connected.”

Assistant Professor

“After surgery and much physical therapy, I tried PNBConditioning. After ten weekly private classes there were dramatic improvements And this with NO pain! Now my 12-year old daughter joins me at the mat class.”

Breast Cancer Survivor

“I really like PNBConditioning because you use more than one muscle group and there’s always room for improvement. I never get bored.”

Undergraduate Student

“People who haven’t seen me in awhile tell me how great I look. They ask what I ‘ve been doing. I tell them PNBConditioning has made the difference. I recommend it to everyone looking for a gentle mind-body fitness program that really works.”