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Révérence Society

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Révérence Society

Signaling the end of a ballet class or performance, a révérence is an elaborate curtsey or bow performed by a dancer to show their respectful admiration for the instructor, accompanist, or audience. As our way of showing respect and gratitude to those generous donors who remember PNB in their estate plans, we have formed the Révérence Society. We know that by providing for deferred gifts, including bequests, beneficiary designations, charitable gift annuities, and charitable trusts, these donors have found a place in their final arrangements for PNB alongside family, friends and other loved ones. For this, we are very grateful.

Révérence Society members receive the following behind-the-scenes benefits:

  • Invitation to the Annual Révérence Society Luncheon & Performance
  • Invitations to 6 Opening Night dinners (excludes cost of dinner)
  • Invitations to 3 select Studio Rehearsals
  • Invitations to 4 select Dress Rehearsals
  • Invitation to the Board of Directors’ Annual Meeting
  • Recognition in Encore, PNB’s performance program
  • Personalized ticketing assistance

We invite you to consider your own legacy gift and to become a Révérence Society member. If you have already included Pacific Northwest Ballet in your estate plan, please let us know. It would be our great pleasure to welcome you to the Révérence Society and you may start enjoying member benefits. Please contact: Carrie Mood, Major Gifts and Planned Giving Manager, at 206.441.3599 or Cmood@pnb.org.

Pacific Northwest Ballet gratefully acknowledges the following members of the Révérence Society who have remembered PNB in their long-range financial and estate plans – ensuring the artistic and financial strength of the ballet for future generations. For more information on how to include PNB in your estate plans, please contact Carrie Mood, Major Gift and Planned Giving Manager, at 206.441.3589.

David Akiyama
Sena Baron
Patty & Jimmy Barrier
Hallock W. Beals
Carl & Renee Behnke
Elisabeth Bottler
John H. Bowen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Braun, Jr.
Susan Brotman
Lorna Brown
Carol A. Burch
Diane Burgess
Daniel Burkert
Sally S. Cahill Brookbank
Dorrienne Chinn
Ferrell Nathan Conn
Gail A. Cottle
Tavia Crowder
Michael W. Dabney
Rita Daubenspeck
Tatiana Davidson
John Delo
Sheila C. Dietrich
William J.* & Sandra B. Dunn
Mrs. Patty Edwards
Jim & Ann Elias
Thomas & Jane Fadden
Russell & Nancy Fosmire
Robin F. Gainey
Deborah Gates
Natalie Gendler
Inger A. Goranson
Mrs. James S. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Halverson
Aya Hamilton
Bart & Jan Harper Johnson
Cathi & Ken Hatch
Joann Haugerud
Catherine Hobi Hawes
W. Daniel Heidt & Michele B. Heidt
Paula Hopping
Peter Horvitz
Roy L. Hughes
John E. Iverson
Tom & Gail James
Barbara A. Johnston
H. David Kaplan
April & Steven Kieburtz
Ken & Claudia Kilbreath
Debby Kim
Edith Kraemer
Betty Kreager
Frances J. Kwapil
Joan T. Lasersohn
Rocke R. Koreis & Candy J. Lee
Dr. Frank & Lynn Lindsay
Leslie* & David Mattson
Mr. & Mrs. J. Daniel McConnell
Edward McGuirk
Kathryn McPherson Roon
David Michaud
Curt & Mary Mikkelsen
Roger F. Miller
Paul M. Mockett
Dr. Armin & Beverly Mohr
Ann D. Molitor
Lisa & Jonathan Morris
Phyllis Moss
Carol & Paul Neiman
Marywilde Nelson
Judy & Arnie Ness
Dr. Joe G. Norman, Jr.
Ms. Margaret Ordornia
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Parsell
William & Carol Parsons
Tony Sepanski & Ann Logan Phillips
Jean E. Phillips
Judith Cushman Quick & Bob Quick
Richard C. Redman
Ms. Christina Rich
Mimi Richards
Lynn Ries
Ann Lyda Rogers
Mary K. Rogers
Dr. H. Martin Rosa
Cornelius & Penny Rosse
JoAnne Hardt Rudo
John Rudolf
Michael Ann Sagin
Sam Sebesta
John F. & Julia P. Shaw
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sheetz
John & Melba Short
Sue Ann Smith
W. Dyanne Stepanek
Dr. Michael & Peggy Swistak
Wayne Thurman
Dr. Darlene A. Townsend
Beni Turan
Elaine Vona
Cathy & Ross Wiggins
Mr. John C. Wilson, Jr.
Evelyn Zabo
Anonymous (4)