Rep 1 Casting and Program Notes

Dances at a Gathering
Opening Solo


Music: Frederic Chopin (Mazurka, Op. 63, no. 3. 1846)
Choreography: Jerome Robbins
Staging: Philip Neal & Jenifer Ringer
Costume Design: Joe Eula
Lighting Design: Jennifer Tipton, recreated by Randall G. Chiarelli


Director’s Notes: Robbins Festival

By Artistic Director Peter Boal

At about 5’8”, Jerome Robbins was a truly towering figure in ballet. I know he was 5’8” because he frequently challenged me to height contests when we’d find ourselves in the same elevator or hallway. Only 5’7” when I first joined New York City Ballet, […]

Jerome Robbins Festival: Program B

PNB kicks off the 2018-2019 season with a festival dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of Jerome Robbins’ birth. We wanted to make it BIG, so we’re performing two alternating programs. It’s something we haven’t done in years, and we’re excited to share the experience with our audiences!

Let’s dive a […]

Jerome Robbins’s Dances at a Gathering

DirChoice09 0359
Photo © Angela Sterling

While Jerome Robbins is best known in popular culture for this innovative work in Broadway musicals, such as On the Town, Gypsy, The King and I, Fiddler on the Roof & West Side Story, for […]

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