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PNB Mobile Tickets

A safe and secure way to access tickets to your upcoming performances at Pacific Northwest Ballet. View all of your tickets conveniently right from your mobile phone.

Access Your Mobile Tickets

How to Access Your Mobile Tickets

Go to

1. Sign in with your PNB credentials

2. Tap your event date to view your tickets

3. Present your tickets’ QR code to scan

Enjoy the performance!

Mobile Ticket FAQ

Why is PNB Implementing Mobile Ticketing?2023-10-20T12:40:37-07:00

Like many performing arts organizations, PNB is facing increasing challenges due to ticket brokers. Ticket brokers cause problems for us and our customers by selling tickets at exorbitant prices or by selling fraudulent tickets. Mobile tickets discourage ticket broker’s with a dynamically changing, unique QR code that is scanned when you arrive at a show. By allowing only one scan per entry, any ticket brokers attempt to duplicate, alter, or resell copies of mobile tickets will result in denied entry. This empowers our patrons to make a chargeback claim on fraudulent tickets. Mobile ticketing also offers a convenient, digital option for patrons and prevents patrons from losing their tickets.

Why Do You Delay Displaying My QR Codes Until Right Before the Performance?2023-10-20T09:50:19-07:00

Your ticket QR Code is delivered three hours before your performance as a deterrent to fraudulent ticket resale. Since the QR Code updates periodically, a screenshot or printout of the ticket cannot be accepted. Requiring a live, updating QR Code to be scanned upon entry ensures that only one person at a time will have access to that ticket.

What if I Have Trouble Accessing My Tickets at the Performance?2023-10-19T10:13:58-07:00

Not to worry! Whether your mobile device loses battery, you don’t have a good signal, or whatever else might go wrong, the PNB Staff at McCaw Hall will be happy to assist you. Simply visit our Concierge table or our Customer Service window, and we will get a physical copy of your tickets printed out.

What if I Don’t Know My Login Information?2023-10-20T15:01:52-07:00

In order to login to your PNB ticket wallet, you will need to know your login. If you don’t know your password, you can click the Forgot Password link at That link will take you to a page where you can enter the email address associated with your PNB account. An email with instructions to reset your password will arrive in your email inbox shortly after that. After resetting your password, you will be able to use that same login info to login and access your tickets! If you are not sure which email address is associated with your PNB account, contact the box office at 206-441-2424 or

My Refreshing QR Code Disappeared After it was Delivered; What Do I Do?2023-10-19T10:30:51-07:00

Refresh the webpage you are on, and the dynamic QR code will display again.

I Don’t Have a Smartphone or Tablet. How Do I Access Mobile Tickets?2023-10-19T09:59:36-07:00

If your tickets are set for Mobile Ticket Delivery, you will need access to a smartphone or tablet to view your tickets via your PNB Wallet and scan them at McCaw Hall. To access your tickets, contact the Box Office at 206-441-2424 or We will be happy to mail your tickets or hold them at will call! If needed, we can assist you in person the day of the show at our Concierge Table.

How Are My Mobile Tickets Delivered?2023-10-20T14:57:05-07:00

Shortly after you complete your ticket purchase, you will receive an email receipt as proof of your PNB purchase. Then, rather than receiving an additional email with a PDF attachment of your tickets, they will be delivered digitally to You can view your tickets there by logging in using your login credential. The QR codes used for entry won’t populate until a few hours before your performance starts. A few days before your show, you will also receive a reminder email with the same link to help you access your PNB Wallet.

Do I Need to Download an App to Get My Mobile Tickets?2023-10-20T14:58:23-07:00

No, our Mobile Ticket delivery does not require you to download an app! Your tickets are available at, which you access on any web browser on any mobile device with access to a data plan or Wi-Fi.

Do I Have to Use Mobile Tickets Now?2023-10-19T10:46:43-07:00

Not at all! The Box Office is still happy to mail paper copies of your tickets to you or hold your tickets at will call to pick up. Just contact us at 206.441.2424 or

Can I Share My Tickets With My Group?2023-10-20T15:03:52-07:00

If you purchased tickets for a friend or a large group, you can share those tickets with them.

  • Login to your PNB Wallet at, tap your event, and view your tickets.
  • Scroll down on the page and tap the “Share Tickets” button.
  • Enter your friends’ names and select the tickets you’d like to share with them.
  • Send the provided invite link to your friends via email or text.

Your friends will need to login to to access their shared tickets. If they already have a PNB Account, your guests can use their email address and password to log in and accept the shared tickets from you. If they do not have a account, they will need to click on the “Register” button on the bottom of the page after following your shared link. This will allow them to create an account and accept the shared mobile tickets.

If you see “Ticket accepted by your guest’s name,” in your mobile ticket wallet, you will know your friend has successfully received your shared ticket. Once your friend has accepted the tickets, they become the owner of the tickets and have all ticket holder privileges. Do not share tickets if you are hoping to use them for yourself!

Can I Print My Mobile Tickets and Bring Them With Me to the Performance?2023-10-19T10:46:22-07:00

No, please do not attempt to print your Mobile Tickets and bring them to our venues. Your mobile ticket contains a live QR code that changes every 15 minutes or so. A static image from a print out will not scan at the door.

Can I Access My Parking Voucher at

No. Subscribers should always use the parking vouchers mailed to them with their season ticket package. Even a subscriber who has exchanged their tickets to another date can still use the original voucher sent in the mail. For single ticket buyers, parking can be purchased at and will be emailed separately from your tickets to the performance.

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