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thumb_studStudent Division

The Student Division consists of Level I through VIII, beginning at age 8. Auditions are required for Level I and above or for students age 8 years or older. Classes in this division are carefully graded by age, physical strength and development.


thumb_profProfessional Division

The School’s Professional Division offers advanced instruction for those students planning a professional dance career. Students invited to the two-year Professional Division program concentrate on perfecting technique and developing artistry through intensive full-day instruction.


Open Program

Pacific Northwest Ballet School’s Open Program classes are open to the public (age 13 and older) and include beginning to advanced ballet technique classes.


thumb_summerSummer Course

Our Summer Course curriculum offers serious ballet students the highest caliber of intensive classical training, augmented by a rich diversity of dance forms necessary to meet the eclectic demands of dance companies today.


thumb_workshopsEastside Summer Dance Workshops

Students participating in the Eastside Summer Dance Workshops at The Francia Russell Center will gain a deeper appreciation for ballet and its rich history through dance classes with our outstanding faculty and unique and fun projects.



PNBConditioning uses the Pilates method to help people from all walks of life strengthen and sculpt their bodies. PNBConditioning develops core strength and stability, promotes long lean muscles, increases flexibility, and works for any fitness level.



Pacific Northwest Ballet’s DanceChance program strives to reach into the community and discover talented, Seattle-area elementary school students. Children who show they have the physical ability to become professional dancers are provided with classical training, allowing them the opportunity they might not otherwise have to pursue a dance career.