Leta Biasucci on stage with the words 2021/22 Season overlaid in white.
Leta Biasucci on stage with the words 2021/22 Season overlaid in white.

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2024/25 Performance Dates & Times

Day & TimeRep IRep IIRep IIIRep IVRep VRep VI
Series A Opening Night Fridays9/2011/11/313/144/115/30
Series C First Saturday Matinees9/2111/22/13/154/125/31
Series D First Saturday Evenings9/2111/22/13/154/125/31
Series E Thursday Evenings9/2611/72/63/204/176/5
Series F Second Friday Evenings9/2711/82/73/214/186/6
Series G Second Saturday Evenings9/2811/92/83/224/196/7
Series H Second Sundays Matinees9/2911/102/93/234/206/8

2024/25 Subscription Pricing

SectionCodeFull SeasonFull Season
4 Show
Second Tier RearSTR$201$201$138
Gallery FloorGF$306$276$208
Second Tier FrontSTF$306$276$208
Orchestra FrontOF$408$378$272
Gallery LowerGL$408$378$272
First Tier ValueFTV$408$378$272
Orchestra SideOS$516$486$340
Orchestra BackOB$516$486$340
Gallery UpperGU$516$486$340
First TierFT$516$486$340
First Tier PrimeFTP$660$630$404
Second Tier BoxSTB$660$630$404
Dress CircleDC$882$852$580
Orchestra PreferredOPD$882$852$580
Director's PreferredDPD$996$996$652
First Tier BoxFTB$1,302$1,302$852
Dress Circle PreferredDCPD$1,302$1,302$852
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