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Angelica Generosa & Dylan Wald Lindsay Thomas


Angelica Generosa Lindsay Thomas

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SectionCodeSeries A Full SeasonSeries A Senior & StudentSeries D/F/G Full SeasonSeries D/F/G Senior & StudentSeries C/E/H Full SeasonSeries C/E/H Senior & StudentSeries A 4 ShowSeries D/F/G 4 ShowSeries C/E/H 4 Show
First Tier PreferredFTPD$730$700$730$700$730$700$490$490$490
Orchestra PreferredOPD$1,266$1,236$916$886$866$836$849$614$584
First Tier Box PreferredFTBPD$1,300$1,300$1,300$1,300$1,300$1,300$870$870$870
Director's PreferredDPD$1,862$1,832$1,362$1,332$1,012$982$1,248$913$678
Dress Circle PreferredDCPD$3,150$3,150$1,650$1,650$1,650$1,650$2,770$1,105$1,105

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2020/21 Preferred Seating Donation Amount

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