Leta Biasucci on stage with the words 2021/22 Season overlaid in white.
Leta Biasucci on stage with the words 2021/22 Season overlaid in white.

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2022/23 Performance Dates & Times

Day & TimeRep IRep IIRep IIIRep IVRep VRep VI
Series A Opening Night Fridays9/2311/42/33/174/146/2
Series C First Saturday Matinees9/2411/52/43/184/156/3
Series D First Saturday Evenings9/2411/52/43/184/156/3
Series E Thursday Evenings9/2911/102/93/234/206/8
Series F Second Friday Evenings9/3011/112/103/244/216/9
Series G Second Saturday Evenings10/111/122/113/254/226/10
Series H Second Sundays Matinees10/211/132/123/264/236/11

2022/23 Subscription Pricing

SectionCodeFull SeasonFull Season
Partial Season
(4 Shows)
Second Tier RearSTR$192$192$132
Gallery FloorGF$294$264$200
Second Tier FrontSTF$294$264$200
Orchestra FrontOF$384$354$260
Gallery LowerGL$384$354$260
First Tier ValueFTV$384$354$260
Orchestra SideOS$480$450$324
Orchestra BackOB$480$450$324
Gallery UpperGU$480$450$324
First TierFT$480$450$324
First Tier PrimeFTP$540$510$364
Second Tier BoxSTB$540$510$364
First Tier PreferredFTPD$582$552$392
Dress CircleDC$768$738$516
Orchestra PreferredOPD$768$738$516
Director's PreferredDPD$864$834$580
First Tier BoxFTB$1,152$1,152$772
Dress Circle PreferredDCPD$1,152$1,152$772
First Tier Box PreferredFTBPD$1,152$1,152$772

Seating Chart

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