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Year after year Pacific Northwest Ballet remains committed to bringing you the best in dance. PNB depends on the generosity of our community to accomplish this.

Your support, no matter the size, is important in sustaining artistic excellence at PNB. The effects of which can be seen in every aspect of our Company- dancers, musicians, costumes, sets, new works and countless efforts behind the scenes.

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“PNB is made up of local residents who work hard to perfect their art. I support our local arts community by supporting PNB.”

David, PNB Révérence Society member, New Works Initiative supporter, and PNB Member of the Barre.

“PNB’s school and outreach programs nurture the audiences and performers of tomorrow. We want to do our part for the future.”

Frank & Caroline, Members of the Barre and PNB School Parents

“The world of dance is constantly changing. It is vital for PNB that the dancers and audience experience new and varied choreography.”

Glenn, PNB Trustee, Stowell Society member and New Works Initiative supporter

“We are fortunate to have one of the top ballet schools in the nation right here in our city. We give to PNB School in appreciation of the beneficial and inspiring impact on our daughter, family, and our Seattle community.”

Norm & Cheryl, PNB Membership donors and PNB School Parents

“I have always loved ballet and we are so fortunate to have PNB here in the Pacific Northwest.”

Patty, PNB Stowell Society member and New Works Initiative supporter

“Our daughter’s experiences as a PNB School student have nurtured her growth not only as a dancer but also as an individual. We support PNB to enable others to share these experiences.”

Robin & Kirk, PNB Membership donors and PNB School Parents

“It’s my desire that future PNB audiences have the same opportunity to enjoy the world of pleasure and wonderment that PNB’s classical ballet performances have provided me.”

Roger, PNB Révérence Society member and PNB Membership donor

“PNB is a great jewel of Seattle. We are pleased and privileged to be supporters and to continue the growth and good health of PNB and PNB School.”

Roy & Julie, PNB Members of the Barre