DanceChance student.
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It has been our observation that the students who have been involved with DanceChance learn to focus on their assignments and manage their time wisely. One of our teachers has made the following statement about a current DanceChance participant, “Since he has started DanceChance he has had fewer behavior problems, his focus on class work has matured and he has gained control over his body and sharing space with others. It would be wonderful to offer this positive outcome to more of our students through the DanceChance program.” Christina Morningstar, Principal of Graham Hill Elementary School

“DanceChance has shaped me in such a way that I have gained confidence, discipline, time management and inner strength all in one package.”—Jordan Murphy, DanceChance graduate

“The DanceChance program at PNB gave me the chance to make my dreams a reality.”—Kuu Sakuragi, DanceChance graduate

“The pride and confidence he got from being "chosen" for DanceChance was significant, and greatly contributed to the sustained level of interest he has shown. This is a great program and a brilliant way to find and nurture young talent.”—Parent, Beacon Hill International School

“DanceChance has given our daughter an opportunity that would otherwise be outside of our socio-economic reality. This has allowed her to gain confidence in herself and that there are potentially greater possibilities for her!”—Parent, Leschi Elementary

“DanceChance is an incredibly opportunity for our students. Students who participate in this program develop a strong appreciation for dance and music and are able to share their experiences with other students and therefore expose more students to the fine arts. Enriching student lives enriches us all.”—Broadview Thomson K-8 Staff

“For the students who are able to directly participate, it is a life-changing experience – they develop a view of themselves, and poise and confidence that they would not have otherwise.”—Awnie Thompson, (Retired) Principal at John Muir Elementary School

“When I was first selected in third grade, I wasn’t going to do it. I thought I’d get teased about ballet being a girl’s thing. I decided to at least try out the classes. I really did like it! The teachers are great. I have had five different teachers and they all tell me to stick with dance. DanceChance made me more outgoing. I’m not afraid to do other stuff.”—Shakeenan Griffin, 4th grade student, Arbor Heights Elementary

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