Special Projects

New Works Initiative

New Works Initiative fund the costs of creation and performance of new works at PNB.

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Second Stage

PNB’s career transition program for dancers.

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Pointe Shoe Fund

Join us by making a special gift this season to the Pointe Shoe Fund. Your tax-deductible donation will truly keep us on our toes.

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“PNB’s second stage program has helped my company Jordan Samuel Fragrances become a reality. The program afforded me the ability to get my company name trademarked and purchase the high-quality oils used in my aromas. I couldn’t have done it without Second Stage!”

Jordan Pacitti, Former PNB Dancer and owner of Jordan Samuel Fragrances

“The Second Stage/Seattle University program has given me the confidence to enter the collegiate world and the chance to explore my options for a career outside ballet. Now that I’m retired, my transition to my next stage has not been overwhelming; instead, I feel equipped with the tools to lead me to success off the stage. Second Stage has opened a door of endless opportunities for me.”

Melanie Skinner, Former PNB soloist

“Dancing is the greatest passion in my life, and it is my passion for life that makes me want to prepare for the future. Second Stage is a great platform on which I can grow as an artist and an individual.”

Kiyon Ross, Former PNB Soloist

“I believe dancers are ideal students. Academics are about discipline and working hard to achieve a goal, as in dance. Incorporating something else in my life, something new like university classes is perfect for me to take my mind away from the pressures of training and rehearsal, while the class-work, writing poetry, and completing assignments, develop another dimension of myself as a person.”

Carrie Imler, Former PNB principal dancer