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“As we look to a new year, and as PNB starts to put together a new season, I’m struck by the transformative power of coming together to experience dance. The shared experience of being part of the PNB audience has never been more rewarding. PNB wants to make sure everyone is invited, included, and in seats to witness the ebullience and wonder we bring to the stage. That invitation starts with you. As our closest friends, please consider renewing your subscription today. See you at the ballet!”

-Peter Boal

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2023/24 Performance Dates

Day & TimeRep IRep IIRep IIIRep IVRep VRep VI
Series A Opening Night Fridays9/2211/32/23/154/125/31
Series C First Saturday Matinees9/2311/42/33/164/136/1
Series D First Saturday Evenings9/2311/42/33/164/136/1
Series E Thursday Evenings9/2811/92/83/214/186/6
Series F Second Friday Evenings9/2911/102/93/224/196/7
Series G Second Saturday Evenings9/3011/112/103/234/206/8
Series H Second Sundays Matinees10/111/122/113/244/216/9

2023/24 Subscription Prices

SectionCodeFull SeasonFull Season
Second Tier RearSTR$201$201
Gallery FloorGF$306$276
Second Tier FrontSTF$306$276
Orchestra FrontOF$402$372
Gallery LowerGL$402$372
First Tier ValueFTV$402$372
Orchestra SideOS$504$474
Orchestra BackOB$504$474
Gallery UpperGU$504$474
First TierFT$504$474
First Tier PrimeFTP$600$570
Second Tier BoxSTB$600$570
First Tier PreferredFTPD$648$618
Dress CircleDC$864$834
Orchestra PreferredOPD$864$834
Director's PreferredDPD$972$942
First Tier BoxFTB$1,272$1,272
Dress Circle PreferredDCPD$1,272$1,272
First Tier Box PreferredFTBPD$1,272$1,272

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