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Your subscription for next season supports and sustains us as an organization. If you are able, sitting in a preferred seating section or making a gift in addition to your subscription will help ensure our return. Let PNB plan for the future by letting us know you’ll be in the audience next year.

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Need help? Call the box office at 206.441.2424.

Deepen your investment! Your gift to PNB helps us succeed in fulfilling our mission and ensuring our presence in the community for many years to come.

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2020/21 Performance Dates

2020/21 Subscription Prices

2020/21 Preferred Seating Subscription Prices

SectionCodeSeries A Full SeasonSeries A Senior & StudentSeries D/F/G Full SeasonSeries D/F/G Senior & StudentSeries C/E/H Full SeasonSeries C/E/H Senior & StudentSeries A 4 ShowSeries D/F/G 4 ShowSeries C/E/H 4 Show
First Tier PreferredFTPD$730$700$730$700$730$700$490$490$490
Orchestra PreferredOPD$1,266$1,236$916$886$866$836$849$614$584
First Tier Box PreferredFTBPD$1,300$1,300$1,300$1,300$1,300$1,300$870$870$870
Director's PreferredDPD$1,862$1,832$1,362$1,332$1,012$982$1,248$913$678
Dress Circle PreferredDCPD$3,150$3,150$1,650$1,650$1,650$1,650$2,770$1,105$1,105

2020/21 Preferred Seating Donation Amounts

Subscription Seating Chart

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