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As a season subscriber, your commitment allows us to plan ahead, stand on a firm financial foundation, and gives PNB’s artists the freedom to embrace their creativity, wherever it may lead. We rely heavily on our subscriber family to support this art form, and we love welcoming you back to McCaw Hall each season with a new slate of modern hits, new works, familiar classic tales, and so much more. We hope you’ll reserve your seat today for our World Premiere production of The Sleeping Beauty and all the yet-to-be-announced magic of the 2024/25 season.

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2024/25 Performance Dates

Day & TimeRep IRep IIRep IIIRep IVRep VRep VI
Series A Opening Night Fridays9/2011/11/313/144/115/30
Series C First Saturday Matinees9/2111/22/13/154/125/31
Series D First Saturday Evenings9/2111/22/13/154/125/31
Series E Thursday Evenings9/2611/72/63/204/176/5
Series F Second Friday Evenings9/2711/82/73/214/186/6
Series G Second Saturday Evenings9/2811/92/83/224/196/7
Series H Second Sundays Matinees9/2911/102/93/234/206/8

2024/25 Subscription Prices

SectionCodeFull Season
Second Tier RearSTR$201
Gallery FloorGF$306
Second Tier FrontSTF$306
Orchestra FrontOF$408
Gallery LowerGL$408
First Tier ValueFTV$408
Orchestra SideOS$516
Orchestra BackOB$516
Gallery UpperGU$516
First TierFT$516
First Tier PrimeFTP$660
Second Tier BoxSTB$660
Dress CircleDC$882
Orchestra PreferredOPD$882
Director's PreferredDPD$996
First Tier BoxFTB$1,302
Dress Circle PreferredDCPD$1,302

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