PNB School Performance. Photo: Rex Tranter.

A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available and are awarded on the basis of financial need, class performance and potential for a professional career. Scholarships are granted for no longer than one academic year and applications must be made in the summer for the following academic year. Applications must be made in the spring for the Summer Course.

Scholarship forms are available from the School and must be completed and returned by the posted deadline for consideration by the Scholarship Committee. Please note that financial information will be reviewed by an outside agency that serves private schools and must be submitted to the agency with a $41 application fee. All applications and financial information are kept confidential.

Please contact the School at 206.441.2435 if you have questions regarding scholarship applications.

PNB School Performance.
Photo: Rex Tranter.

Named Scholarship Funds

Several Named Scholarship Funds have been created within PNB Endowment by individual and foundation donors. A Named Scholarship Fund can provide annual income to support tuition, financial stipends, pointe shoes, and clothing for aspiring young dancers in PNB School. Please visit the PNB Endowment page to learn more about Named Scholarship Funds.

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