TAT Lab Core Program

The TAT Lab Core program is a 6-month professional development learning community that is based on the philosophy that reflective practice and thoughtful planning are essential to effective educational experiences. TAT Lab Core curriculum includes foundational concepts that support good teaching practice including: instructional design & assessment and creating brave and inclusive learning spaces for all students through a racial justice and culturally responsive lens. Participants benefit from ongoing learning, individualized coaching from faculty teaching artists, connections to statewide networks, and peer learning and reflection. Learn alongside peers working in various settings and artistic disciplines and in all regions of Washington state.

Clock Hours are available through OSPI at no additional charge.

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6 sessions; starts January 13 and then runs the 1st Wednesday of the month February-June. An additional 1-3 hours/month of independent work required between scheduled sessions. Tuition: $350. Scholarships available.

January 13, 4:00-7:00pm

February 3, 4:00-7:00pm

March 3, 4:00-7:00pm

April 7, 4:00-7:00pm

May 5, 4:00-7:00pm

June 2, 4:00-8:00pm

Who does TAT Lab Core serve?

The TAT Lab Core cohort will include up to 30 selected teaching artists, arts specialists, classroom teachers, youth arts providers, and arts educators working in various settings and artistic disciplines and all regions of Washington state.

TAT Lab defines teaching artists as individuals who are both artists and educators: they are professional artists who are dedicated to arts education as an integral part of their professional practice; they cultivate skills as educators in concert with their skills as artists.

TAT Lab Core focuses on arts education in K-12 public schools. Working to ensure all students receive high quality arts education as part of basic education is fundamental to the program philosophy. TAT Lab participants also work outside of K-12 schools; there is no one way to be an arts educator. TAT Lab curriculum covers foundational concepts that support good teaching practice in a wide range of settings.

TAT Lab programs are brave spaces that invite all arts educators working in Washington state regardless of race or ethnicity, gender and gender expression, ability/disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, or any other identities to be their true selves and respectfully engage in TAT Lab with the health and the growth of the community in mind.

TAT Lab Core Curriculum

TAT Lab Core curriculum is informed by four key questions:

  • What unique qualities do arts experiences bring to a classroom?
  • What are “reflective practice” and “thoughtful planning” and why are they important?
  • How can we teach arts skills along with higher order thinking skills, and social and emotional learning?
  • How do we create brave, inclusive and effective learning environments for all students?

With these questions in mind, TAT Lab Core will address both philosophical and nuts-and-bolts aspects of teaching artist practice, with a focus on instructional design: developing and articulating clear arts learning objectives and assessment strategies.

Why should I join TAT Lab Core?

Join TAT Lab Core to:

  • Learn about best practices in arts education through workshops, reading assignments, and discussion
  • Develop strong and effective arts-based learning plans
  • Receive ongoing, individualized support from teaching artist mentors and peers
  • Learn how state standards in the arts can support your work
  • Gain skills to assess student learning in the arts
  • Understand the role of social justice within the world of arts education; apply a racial justice and culturally responsive lens to your teaching practice
  • Connect with a community of dedicated teaching artists and arts educators

Tuition, Scholarships, & Sponsorships

Tuition for TAT Lab Core is $350. Scholarship assistance is available and may be requested as part of the program application.

Tuition income and support from our funders help us offer tuition at a significant reduction to actual cost, sustain our programming, and pay presenters an adequate rate. TAT Lab also strives towards equity and we value participants regardless of their ability to pay.

Separate from program scholarships, arts and education organizations are encouraged to support professional development for their teaching artists and educators by covering a portion of TAT Lab tuition. Applicants- you may reach out to your potential sponsoring organization and ask them to complete this Organizational Support form. Submitting this form does not obligate your organization at this time.

Application Process

To reduce barriers and increase access to the TAT Lab Core application process, we offer two application options. You may choose to apply through one of the following methods:

  1. Click the following link to complete the application through Survey Monkey. The application form won’t allow you to save and return to your application, but if you need to stop, you can always restart the application at a later time. APPLY HERE
  2. Apply over the phone. Email TATLab@PNB.org to request a phone appointment and a TAT Lab staff member will ask you the application questions in a phone conversation.

The application includes questions about arts teaching background and experience, as well as three short-answer (100-200 words) narrative questions:

  • Describe your experience teaching your art form to youth: A) What kinds of classes have you taught? What kinds of populations have you served, and in what settings? B) What does success in teaching look like for you?
  • Why are you drawn to this work? What motivates you to teach your art form to youth?
  • What do you hope to get out of TAT Lab? Why are you drawn to this professional development opportunity at this time? In what areas do you hope to grow?

As part of your application, we also invite you to submit one or two items that share more about who you are as a teaching artist and/or arts educator. We know there are many ways to share about your experience. Examples of an item you could choose to share include:

  • a bio/resume
  • a link to a video of you teaching
  • a link to a video of you talking about your teaching experience
  • a link to a website that shares about your work
  • a sample learning plan
  • photos/videos of student work created in your classes
  • colleague or collaborator testimonial
  • whatever you think would give us a sense of who you are and why TAT Lab would be a great fit for you!

The following types of files are supported on Survey Monkey, TAT Lab’s online application platform: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF.

Application Timeline

Applicants who submit complete application materials by November 30, 2020 will receive priority consideration.

Applicants who submitted by November 30, 2020 will be notified by December 14, 2020 of their status.

Applications will be accepted after November 30, 2020, if space is available.

Basic TAT Lab Core Program Eligibility

Applicants must:

  • live or work in Washington state
  • have prior experience as a teaching artist and/or educator utilizing the arts
  • Identify as one or more of the following:
    • arts educator, teaching artist, school-based arts specialist, youth arts provider, or classroom teacher

Application Evaluation & Building a Cohort

TAT Lab Core applications are reviewed by TAT Lab faculty and staff to build a diverse and dynamic cohort. The following factors will be taken into consideration in the selection process:

  • Applicant’s clarity of purpose about their work and professional development goals
  • Applicant’s demonstrated commitment to complete all aspects of TAT Core curriculum
  • Inclusion of applicants with a diversity of identities, including: race or ethnicity, gender and gender expression, ability/disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, or others
  • Inclusion of applicants living and working in all regions of Washington state
  • Inclusion of applicants working in a variety of artistic disciplines

Educators of color and educators who live and work outside the Puget Sound region are encouraged to apply.

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