Code of Conduct

Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) is proud to foster a culture of respect and inclusivity in all we do. We strive to demonstrate those values in all of our interactions on and off the stage, with all PNB stakeholders and in the broader community as well.

Pacific Northwest Ballet thanks you for your adherence to the PNB Code of Conduct, which applies to all individuals engaging with PNB in any manner (in-person, online, phone, other).

All individuals shall:

Behave and be treated in a respectful, professional, and courteous manner. This includes in-person, email, and telephone communications.

Comply with any badge or other identification requirements, or search and screening procedures prior to entry into any PNB or PNB affiliated space.

Occupy the seats you are ticketed for and present tickets to PNB or venue staff upon request. Please be courteous to the people seated around you.

Comply with PNB and venue staff instructions regarding operational and emergency procedures.

If consuming alcohol, do so in a legal and responsible manner consistent with venue policies.

PNB prohibits:

Interfering with the event and or performers or staff.

Using abusive, offensive, or obscene language and gestures towards any individual at a PNB event, in online or telephone interactions, or on PNB property.

Engaging in illegal or disruptive behavior, including the use of physical threats, fighting, taunting, throwing objects, or other behavior PNB and/or event staff deems detrimental to the event experience and the comfort and safety of all guests.

Unauthorized commercial activity.

Smoking, vaping, use of marijuana or tobacco products outside of designated areas.

Violation of the PNB Code of Conduct may result in ejection from the event and/or further consequence at PNB’s discretion, including being prohibited from future events, and referral for arrest and prosecution. Ejected persons will not be permitted for re-entry or refunded.
If anyone is interfering with your enjoyment of a PNB event, please contact the nearest staff member for assistance.

By participating in a PNB event, you consent to your image and likeness being captured by PNB and our respected affiliates and designees.