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Parents Annual Fund Campaign

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Ranked as one of the top three ballet training institutions in the nation, Pacific Northwest Ballet School helps students create successful lives. While offering the highest caliber education, PNBS remains committed to keeping ballet accessible. In upholding this commitment, tuition covers only 75% of the actual cost of operating PNBS. Therefore there remains a gap between tuition and operating costs.

What Can I Do?

Perhaps the most important way that you can help us fill this gap is by making a donation to the Annual Fund. Last year the PNBS Parents contributed an almost $200,000 to the Annual Fund. This year we’d like to have the same success. Therefore we are making a direct appeal to all households to consider a gift to the Annual Fund and help close the tuition gap.

We understand that not all families are able to make a financial contribution, but we are asking every family to contribute in whatever means possible. PNBS relies on the support of its parents to continue providing quality education and a rich experience in your child’s life.

“The quality of and care towards the development of a dancer has been ours to see and experience through our daughter since she first came to PNBS. We are so glad to support good work. Thanks for letting us know that parents act together to ensure the positive direction of PNB’s School.”

PNBS Parent

“My daughter has been very blessed with scholarships from PNB which allowed her to grow as a dancer and become the person she is today. Without the generous support of donors she would not have been able to have this opportunity to develop the special talent that she was born with.”

PNBS Parent


By supporting the School through the Parents Annual Fund you will also be eligible to receive Membership benefits. These special benefits can enrich your child’s education and give them an insider’s view of PNB. We encourage you to share these benefits with your children, extending their dance education beyond the classroom. Member Benefit Details

Make a Gift Today

You may make your gift online or mail your gift to the PNB Development Office at 301 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA, 98109. If you have questions regarding your gift or the benefits you may receive, please contact Nicole Song, Annual Fund Manager at or 206.441.4156.

Donate Now

Please remember: If you work for a company with a matching gift program, you can double your impact. Ask your employer if they will match your gift to PNB and please enclose a completed matching gift form with your donation.

PNBS tuition covers only 75% of the actual cost of operating PNBS. After applying your tuition, there remains an additional cost of your child’s education that remains unpaid. This gap between tuition and operating costs is the tuition gap. We look to parents, our greatest advocates, to help fill the gap with a tax-deductible Annual Fund contribution.

2018 – 2019 Tuition Gap Amounts

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Thank You for Your Support

Pacific Northwest Ballet School gratefully acknowledges the following parents who have generously supported the Parents Annual Fund Campaign.

Jennifer Adamowski and Bryan La Coma
Jon Alberts and Pam Poolsawad
Chloe Anderson and Jakob Szymanski
Eric and Inessa Anderson
Shane Antos
Jie Bai and Cui He
Lisa Bates
Denise Begley
Jeff and Molly Blucher
Roger and Elena Blume
Terry & Dana Bouranis
Jim Knoble and Felicia Burzell
Michelle Buswinka
Michele Carver
Pakkin Chan and Yen Wong
Kenny Chen and Jade Qiang
Peter Carlin and Sharon Chen
Millie Chu and Patrick Hwang
Stephanie Cooper and Jonathan Medverd
David Crown
Sara Curran and Ralph Coolman
Jeff and Sue Daley
Zelie Dancause and Raphael Gottardo
Evelyn Daniels
James Dean and Katherine Braun
Daphne S. Dejanikus and Julian Simon
John and Anjelka Dongelmans
Klaus Mergener and Sabine Endrigkeit
Todd and Heather Enoki
Andrew Fagan
Jenny Fan and Matt Fei
Marcus Fontoura and Ana Doliveira
Etsuko Fornell
Juanita Franke
Lisa Friede
Michel Galley and Tomoko Hoshi
Michelle and Matt Galvin
Jessica Garno and Peter Hasapis
Andrea Gennotti and Chris Bell
Alicia Gonzalez
Robert and Susan Grella
Jane Gu and Max Ma
Robert and Catherine Guerin
The Guthrie Family
Chad and Mieko Hamblin
Matt and Tracy Hannuksela
Gretchen Harrison
Patricia and Michael Heffernan
Tracy Helming
Charlie and Lisa Herb
Rafael and Nelly Hiciano
David Holmes
Phil and Joelle Hong
Jerry Huang
Autumn Hwang and Calvin Yu
Daniel and Ji-Hyun Hwang
Daniel Ma and Nancy Jiao
Christy Jones and Rob Lilleness
Pran and Thu Hong Kim
Gur Kimchi
Stacey King and Philip Bagley
Damon and Cindy Knight
Leslie Koutroulis
Audrey and Patrick Kozel
Sunny Lee
Rena Levitt
Yu Li
Yuzi Li and Zhihua Tao
Sondra Livingston-Carr and David Arrington
Susana Lopes and Nuno Costa
Katherine Ma and David Zhang
Gretchen Magcalas
Justin Marlowe and Jennifer Magyar
Clay and Robin Martin
Ryan Mathus and Gjanje Smith Mathus
Anne Meurn
Robyn and Paul Moser
Rolando Munoz and Edna Baluyot-Munoz
Mariam Naini and Ali Arjomand
Marco Navas and Nadja Escolar
James O’Brien
Diego Osuna and Sara Tobon
Yong Park and Julie Hong
Gwendolyn Payton and John Neeleman
Junghee Pogue
Sherie Purefoy
Tom Rabideau and Nicole Rendahl
Gregory Raece and Kimberly Swada
Varonica Ragan
Catherine and Grant Ries
Phil Rizzitano
Kerrilynn Robinson
Michael and Kristi Rodgers
Robert and Laura Rookstool
Tim Rossmeisl and Ada Agrait
Margaret Russ
Rany Say and Michael Duncan
Shawn Schubring
Demian and Thomas Sedano
Kavitha Seva and Godinath Munisifreddy
David Shadle and Dorothee Wihl
Alesha and Dave Shemwell
Huitao Sheng and Jinmei Shi
Jennica Sherwood and Paul Roberts
Dharma and Bina Shukla
Andrew Siegel and Deborah Ahrens
Alex and Laurie Skalbania
Gary and Gretchen Smith
Ian and Heather Smith
Juchuan Song and Yanyan Ju
Jay Sugui and Maria Ethel Villalobos
Brad and Victoria Summerquist
Andre Suttles & Natalie Scarella
Lisa Swihart
Kazuhito Takahashi
Mark and Josephine Tamola
Roger Wylie and Daiva Tautvydas
Clifton and Jennifer Teschke
Shannon Tierney, MD
Maya Ting
Roger Tragin and Yuki Ito
Billy Tran and Hien Phan
Leighann Trodahl
Aimee Truchard
Stephanie and Dustin True
Brian and Sarah Utter
Gerardo Villarreal and Hortensia Ortiz
Eliza and Oleg Vysotsky
William and Gabriella Wagner
Webb and Amy Walker
Elizabeth and Fredrick Walters
Haitao Wang and Zhenhua Yu
Jiaming Wang and Xiaochong Yang
Xiong Wang and YuQing Zhong
Dale and Robin Warnken
Michael and Kathryn Weber
Cheng Wei and Lin Cheng
Jarvis and David Weld
Thomas Whitney
Turi Widsteen and Keith White
Michael and Michelle Williams
Carl and Amy Wolfteich
Dana Woolard-Hughlett and Philip C. Hughlett
Maggie Yang and Victor Lin
Yong Liang Yang and Yuan Zhang
Christina and John Young
Miao Zhang and Ye Chen

A special thank you to the 2016-17 Parent Participation Challenge winning parents! The year’s top class won a class with PNB Principal Dancer, Noelani Pantastico.

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For more information on supporting PNBS Parents Annual Fund Campaign, please contact Sarah Tackett, Annual Fund Manager, at 206.441.3593 or