Parents Annual Fund Campaign

Ranked as one of the top three ballet training institutions in the nation, Pacific Northwest Ballet School helps students create successful lives. While offering the highest caliber education, PNBS remains committed to keeping ballet accessible. In upholding this commitment, tuition covers only 75% of the actual cost of operating PNBS. Therefore there remains a gap between tuition and operating costs.

What Can I Do?

Perhaps the most important way that you can help us fill this gap is by making a donation to the Annual Fund. Last year the PNBS Parents contributed an almost $200,000 to the Annual Fund. This year we’d like to have the same success. Therefore we are making a direct appeal to all households to consider a gift to the Annual Fund and help close the tuition gap.

We understand that not all families are able to make a financial contribution, but we are asking every family to contribute in whatever means possible. PNBS relies on the support of its parents to continue providing quality education and a rich experience in your child’s life.


By supporting the School through the Parents Annual Fund you will also be eligible to receive Membership benefits. These special benefits can enrich your child’s education and give them an insider’s view of PNB. We encourage you to share these benefits with your children, extending their dance education beyond the classroom.

View Membership Benefits

 If you have questions regarding your gift or the benefits you may receive, please contact the Development department at

Tuition Gap

PNBS tuition covers only 75% of the actual cost of operating PNBS. After applying your tuition, there remains an additional cost of your child’s education that remains unpaid. This gap between tuition and operating costs is the tuition gap. We look to parents, our greatest advocates, to help fill the gap with a tax-deductible Annual Fund contribution.

“My daughter has been very blessed with scholarships from PNB which allowed her to grow as a dancer and become the person she is today. Without the generous support of donors she would not have been able to have this opportunity to develop the special talent that she was born with.”

“The quality of and care towards the development of a dancer has been ours to see and experience through our daughter since she first came to PNBS. We are so glad to support good work. Thanks for letting us know that parents act together to ensure the positive direction of PNB’s School.”