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Ranked as one of the top three ballet training institutions in the nation, Pacific Northwest Ballet School helps students create successful lives. While offering the highest caliber education, PNBS remains committed to keeping ballet accessible. In upholding this commitment, tuition covers only 75% of the actual cost of operating PNBS. Therefore there remains a gap between tuition and operating costs.

What Can I Do?

Perhaps the most important way that you can help us fill this gap is by making a donation to the Annual Fund. Last year the PNBS Parents contributed an almost $200,000 to the Annual Fund. This year we’d like to have the same success. Therefore we are making a direct appeal to all households to consider a gift to the Annual Fund and help close the tuition gap.

We understand that not all families are able to make a financial contribution, but we are asking every family to contribute in whatever means possible. PNBS relies on the support of its parents to continue providing quality education and a rich experience in your child's life.

Special Offer to Parents

If you make a contribution to our School of $250 or more, we will send your child a personalized, autographed photograph of his or her favorite PNB dancer. The perfect keepsake for any young dancer!

By supporting the School through the Parents Annual Fund you will also be eligible to receive Membership benefits. These special benefits can enrich your child's education and give them an insider's view of PNB. We encourage you to share these benefits with your children, extending their dance education beyond the classroom. Member Benefit Details

Make a Gift Today

You may make your gift online or mail your gift to the PNB Development Office at 301 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA, 98109. If you have questions regarding your gift or the benefits you may receive, please contact Sarah Tackett, Annual Fund Manager, at 206.441.3593 or stackett@PNB.ORG.

Please remember: If you work for a company with a matching gift program, you may be able to double your contribution and increase your benefits. Ask your employer if they will match your gift to PNB and please enclose a completed matching gift form with your donation.

PNBS tuition covers only 75% of the actual cost of operating PNBS. After applying your tuition, there remains an additional cost of your child's education that remains unpaid. This gap between tuition and operating costs is the tuition gap. We look to parents, our greatest advocates, to help fill the gap with a tax-deductible Annual Fund contribution.

2017–2018 PNBS Parents Annual Fund Campaign


Quarterly Tuition 25% Tuition Gap
Duet $225 $56
PNB Tots $225 $56
Creative Movement $230 $58
Children's Division Boys $230 $58
Annual Tuition 25% Tuition Gap
Pre-Ballet $1,140 $285
Level I $1,520 $380
Level IC Boys $1,150 $288
Level II $2,190 $548
Level IIIC Boys $2,520 $630
Level III $3,240 $810
Level IV $4,900 $1,225
Intermediate Boys $4,890 $1,223
Level V $5,460 $1,365
Level VI $6,630 $1,658
Level VII $6,960 $1,740
Level VIII $7,690 $1,923
Professional Division $9,030 $2,258

Thank You for Your Support

Pacific Northwest Ballet School gratefully acknowledges the following parents who have generously supported the Parents Annual Fund Campaign.

Jennifer Adamowski and Byran La Coma

Charles and Amy Allen

Mark and Maria-Agnes Allison

Jerry and Rita Anches

Eric and Inessa Anderson

Shane Antos

Anthony Archer

Ashley and Craig Baerwaldt

Kumi Baruffi

Lisa Bates

Denise Begley

Lorna and Michael Belkin

Chris Bell and Andrea Gennotti

Matthew and Jennifer Berger

John and Anna Berry

Tony and Sibel Blau

Jeff and Molly Blucher

Roger and Elena Blume

Brinette Bobb

Craig Hajduk and Jackie Borges

Jacob and Heather Bresnahan

Chris and Mary Ann Brooks

Steve and Angelica Buri

Michelle Buswinka and Maurice Breslin

John and Carly Buwalda

Feng Cai and Erkang Hu

Seda Unal and Canku Alp Calargun

Michelle Cariaso and Dino Dimayuga

Amy Knight Carter and Charles Carter

Anna Cashman and Mark MeInyk

Pakkin Chan and Yen Wong

Marie and James Chapman

Kenny Chen and Jade Qiang

Sharon Chen and Peter Carlin

Xi Chen and Ya Wang

Yixin Chen and Simon Lin

Barry and Jennifer Chu

Ralph Coolman

Derek and Paige Crick

Weiyou and Nicole Cui

James and Amy Cunningham

Jeff and Sue Daley

Chris and Evelyn Daniels

Gary and PattiJo Daniels

James Dean and Katherine Braun

Daphne Dejanikus

Meghan Delaney and Chris Linder

Peter Detwiler and Hana Jakoubkova

Jeremy and Katherine DeWitt

John and Heather Dunagan

Sabine Endrigkeit and Klaus Mergerner

Dustin and Jane England

Vadim Eydelman

Greg and Megan Failla

Scott Fishman and Sarita Jimenez-Fishman

Michelle Flandreau

Meg Foley

Marcus Fontoura and Ana Doliveira

Jason and Ann Freeman

Marcelo Freire and Rieko Hoshino

Audrey Freudenberg

Lisa Friede

Ted Galaday and Jennifer Sireklove

Michel Galley and Tomoko Hoshi

Matt and Michelle Galvin

Brad and Bt. Gamroth

Timothy Garland

Eric and Devon Gibbs

Kimberly Gonzales and Chad Thompson

Alicia Gonzalez

Inna and Michael Gringauz

Robert and Catherine Guerin

Michael Guglielmo

David and Jennifer Guthrie

Chad and Mieko Hamblin

Simon and Eugenia Han

Jibin Han and Lu Niu

Matt and Angie Hanna

Tracy and Matt Hannuksela

Xiaoying and Ziu Haparnas

Gretchen Harrison

Anne and Matthew Haskins

Patricia and Mike Heffernan

Nora Henrikson

Charlie and Lisa Herb

Paul and Alison Herber

Rafael and Nelly Hiciano

Edward and Gwendolyn Ho

Pietro Nova and Elizabeth Holland

Kalen and Sean Holmes

Lynn and David Honari

Jon and Laura Honhart

Deborah Houseworth and Sal Barba

Yiman Huang and Jinghui Wang

Tommy and Phyllis Huey

John and Masae Hung

Grace Isner

Hui Jiang and Wai Wong

Aron and Anneliese Johnson

Christina Jones and Rob Lilleness

Mark and Jennifer Kalal

Yosuke and Mariko Kameoka

Adriann Kelly and Linda Ryan


David and Miriam Kim

Stacey King and Philip Bagley

Christopher and Ellen Kinney

Elliot and Megan Kirk

Julia and Craig Kitamura

Matthew and Melinda Kleven

Damon and Cindy Knight

Matthew and Sandra Knutson

Vanya Koseva and Ian Kosseff

Audrey and Patrick Kozel

Misty Krystkowiak

Thomas and Jane Laird

Jessica Lambert

David and Viki Lawton

Joseph and Sunny Lee

Terrel and Robert Lefferts

Zha Lei and Tong Xu

Derek and Kelli Lewis

Jian Li and Ling Zhang

Yu Li

Zach and Jamie Litvack

Qian Liu and Zu Ni

Nuno Costa and Susana Lopes

Charles and Charlotte Lovekin

Yi Lu

Amy and Kevin MacDonald

Alan and Paula Mann

Justin Marlowe and Jennifer Magyar

Celina Martin

Teresa Martineau and Matthew Schmitter

Ryan Mathus and Gjanje Smith Mathus

Joanna and Kirk Mattson

David and Priscilla McAughan

John and Diane McKenna

Wenyi Mei and Cesheng Wu

Laurent and Kwija Mollicone

Daniel Molloy

Joaquin Hernandez and Jennifer Moore

John and Sally Morgan

Syed Mujtaba and Rizwana Khan

Timothy Munson and Hiromi Sugai

Chris and Lan Mustain

Marco Navas and Nadja Escolar

Andy Nestingen and Karen Baker

Robert and Christine Newton

Betty Nhan and Michael Kim

Ian and Qian Niles

Matt and Angie Norman

Brian and Gwen North

James and Tomoko O'Brien

Jennifer Oneil

Kumi Otake

Rana and Mauro Ottaviani

Qi Ou

Ruxandra Pajor

Anouk and Frank Pape

Tony and Alison Payauys

Gwendolyn Payton and John Neeleman

Marc and Sarah Peruzzi

Michael Peters

Anne Marie and Mike Pickles

Gerald and Junghee Pogue

Barbara Potgieter

Mae and Boon Quah

Tom Rabideau and Nicole Rendahl

Gregory Raece and Kimberly Sawada

Vidyanand and Ashwimi Rajpathak

Sophia Ramsey

Pete Retondo and Elaine Jackson-Retondo

Catherine and Grant Ries

Spencer and Claire Robert

Kerrilynn and Libbie Robinson

Kristi and Michael Rodgers

Robert and Laura Rookstool

Tim Rossmeisl and Ada Agrait

Christa and Bill Rupp

Michael and Chris Rupp

Yoshiko Sakuragi

Shanna Salas

Paulina Salmon

Eric Scheidker

Kirsten Schubring

Catherine and David Schultze

Alesha and Dave Shemwell

Andrew Siegel and Deborah Ahrens

Laurie and Alex Skalbania

Tina and Scott Skidmore

Gary and Gretchen Smith

Juchuan Song and Yanyan Ju

Chris and Lorraine Stacey

Robert and Linda Steimle

Granger Stuck and Mia Todd

Brad and Victoria Summerquist

Weiyan Sun

Andre Suttles and Natalie Scarella

Edward Sumanaseni and Tien Suwandy

Hiroaki Takamatsu

Tony and Wendy Tanada

John and Julee Tanner

Daiva Tautvydas and Roger Wylie

Jennifer and Clifton Teschke

Renee Thomas

Mark Thompson and Diane Devlyne-Thompson

Shannon Tierney and Bob Strimmer

Richard and Maya Ting

Roger Tragin and Yuki Ito

Aimee Truchard and Jesse Rothstein

Trisha Unger

Brian and Sarah Utter

Gerardo Villarreal and Hortensia Ortiz

Matilde Vivar

Eliza and Oleg Vysotsky

Webb and Amy Walker

Robert and Aileen Walter

Elizabeth and Fred Walters

Fan Wang and Zixu Jiang

Haitao Wang and Zhenhua Yu

Jiaming Wang and Xiaohong Yang

Zunguan Wang and Weiqing Tu

Paula and Bill Weigand

Jarvis and David Weld

Edward and Cecilia Whatley

Carl and Amy Wolfteich

Jenny Womack

Janice Yaguchi

Yong Liang Yang and Yuan Zhang

John and Christina Young

Eric and Carla Youngblut

Haitao Yu and Sarah Fu

Xiao Peng and VivianYu

Tony and Mary Yuhas

Miao Zhang and Ye Chen

Yan Zhu and Yu Meng

Lance and Paulette Zimmerman

A special thank you to the 2016-17 Parent Participation Challenge winning parents! The year’s top class won a class with PNB Principal Dancer, Noelani Pantastico.

For more information on supporting PNBS Parents Annual Fund Campaign, please contact Sarah Tackett, Annual Fund Manager, at 206.441.3593 or


Why Give?

Watch video

Hear directly from past and current PNBS students.

Meet Our Donors

thumb_norm_and_cheryl“We are fortunate to have one of the top…”

thumb_hallee_and_john“When faced with an unexpected event…”

From PNB Parents

“The quality of and care towards the development of a dancer has been ours to see and experience through our daughter since she first came to PNBS. We are so glad to support good work. Thanks for letting us know that parents act together to ensure the positive direction of PNB’s School.”
—PNBS Parent

“My daughter has been very blessed with scholarships from PNB which allowed her to grow as a dancer and become the person she is today. Without the generous support of donors she would not have been able to have this opportunity to develop the special talent that she was born with.”
—PNBS Parent


PNBS Students in Circus Polka © Angela Sterling