Choreographer, dancer, LA Dance Project founder, actor, husband, dad, PNB fan… what else is there to know? Read on, then join us at TRICOLORE to see Millepied’s 3 Movements and Appassionata as well as George Balanchine’s Symphony in C.

His surname is pronounced “MEEL-pi-yay” and translates to “a thousand feet.” (And no… it’s not a stage name!)

He’s a major force in the dance world, but he’s well-known in pop culture for choreographing the 2010 thriller, Black Swan.

He met his wife, Natalie Portman, on the set of Black Swan. The two have a child together named Aleph Portman-Millepied.

Millepied is the subject of Reset, a documentary about the Paris Opera Ballet (where he served as director for two years).

He has collaborated with Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, and Rodarte, and he’s a personal fan of Hedi Slimane (of YSL and Dior Homme).

He’s a photographer – he takes his Leica into the studio and on his travels.

He was born in Bordeaux, France, but moved to the U.S. as a teenager. Outspoken about American politics on social media, Millepied has been called “an American who speaks good French.”

If anyone could fill Mikhail “Misha” Baryshnikov’s shoes, it would be Millepied; he has been compared to the iconic dancer more than once.


He lived in Dakar, Senegal, briefly as a child. “We lived next to this really famous family of drummers,” he says, “so I played the drums seriously until I was 12 or 13.”

A fan of 1920’s art and furniture, he has a Bauhaus tattoo on his abdomen.