My parents were born and raised in the Philippines. After they graduated college to become nurses and got married, they wanted to come to America to have a better life and future for us. They wanted their family and children to get the chance to have the many opportunities given in this country. My mother even brought her parents to become American citizens and get to see both me and my brother grow up. Growing up in New Jersey, allowed me to get the chance to take on those many opportunities. My parents, being so supportive and loving allowed me to live my dream and to pursue it. I got to study in a very prestigious ballet school in New York, and now I’m living the dream of being a professional dancer with one of the top companies in
the US. I’m very proud to represent my country in that way. But through all my parents sacrifice and hard work to get to America makes me appreciative and blessed with how we are living today. Again without my parents and this country I wouldn’t be who I am.