From brussels sprouts to sweet potato chili, Corps de ballet dancer Emma Love makes her favorites from scratch.

I’m almost always excited to cook at the end of the rehearsal day — it’s almost relaxing. I’m always on the search for new, exciting recipes, and only repeated a few of them twice (my absolute favorites, of course).

Two of my favorite fall ingredients are sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. I know what you’re thinking — brussels sprouts? But listen — throw them in the oven with some olive oil. Their tastiness cannot be done justice with words. Trust me. Back to the point though, I can’t tell you how lucky I felt when I came across this one, seeing as it combines BOTH of this wonderful “tasties.” With some apples and bacon in there, this recipe actually tastes like fall. One of my favorite things I’ve made yet. 

If you’re looking for recipes with either of these delicious ingredients individually, these are some other favorites!  I love this recipe for vegan  quinoa and sweet potato chili.

For another good brussels sprouts dish, try pesto pasta with chicken sausage and roasted brussels sprouts. (I like to make a fresh batch of pesto and keep it around for all sorts of things.)

These are three recipes that I don’t mind repeating over and over again. Yum!

— Emma Love