If you purchased tickets for a friend or a large group, you can share those tickets with them.

  • Login to your PNB Wallet at wallet.PNB.org, tap your event, and view your tickets.
  • Scroll down on the page and tap the “Share Tickets” button.
  • Enter your friends’ names and select the tickets you’d like to share with them.
  • Send the provided invite link to your friends via email or text.

Your friends will need to login to wallet.PNB.org to access their shared tickets. If they already have a PNB Account, your guests can use their PNB.org email address and password to log in and accept the shared tickets from you. If they do not have a PNB.org account, they will need to click on the “Register” button on the bottom of the page after following your shared link. This will allow them to create an account and accept the shared mobile tickets.

If you see “Ticket accepted by your guest’s name,” in your mobile ticket wallet, you will know your friend has successfully received your shared ticket. Once your friend has accepted the tickets, they become the owner of the tickets and have all ticket holder privileges. Do not share tickets if you are hoping to use them for yourself!