Steven Loch is from Denton, Texas. He joined Pacific Northwest Ballet as an apprentice in 2011. He was promoted to corps de ballet in 2012 and soloist in 2018. He will present his latest work for NEXT STEP at 2019’s NEXT STEP: OUTSIDE/IN; tickets go on sale April 1.

You might know Steven best for his #sassyfriday series on Instagram, which he produces with fellow PNB dancer Madison Taylor, but he is a seasoned NEXT STEP choreographer: this year will be Steven’s fourth NEXT STEP premiere.

In 2017 Steven became one of the first choreographers to collaborate with PNB’s in-house composers, Avi Lasser and Garrett Overcash of Hevanti Productions, as they created an original score for his work Expressing the Pain Within. He’s working with the same composers once again for this year’s piece.

PNB School students in Steven Loch’s 3 for Ed. © Lindsay Thomas.
PNB School students in Steven Loch’s Expressing the Pain Within. © Lindsay Thomas.

Steven has also written for the PNB blog about the company’s tour to Paris, when 24 of his family members made the trip to have an unforgettable family reunion.

We can’t wait to see what Steven creates next! Join us for his premiere in June and an evening of new dance at NEXT STEP: OUTSIDE/IN.