PNB Dancers Partner with Local Seattle Businesses for Spring Spark

  PNB dancers are partnering with some of Seattle’s best distilleries and favorite dessert shops to create all-new creations for Spring Spark! At this unique event, guests will sample these creations and vote on their favorite while enjoying hearty appetizers from Kristi Brown of That Brown Girl Cooks. While the exact creations will remain a secret until the big day, take a sneak peek at the incredible event collaborators and what they’re cooking up!

2Bar Bourbon | Elle Macy & Dylan Wald

2BAR Bourbon is a family-owned craft bourbon distillery in Seattle, Washington named after the family’s ranch in South Texas. 2BAR creates bourbon with butterscotch, vanilla, cherry, and chocolate notes, plus a long honey finish. 2Bar Bourbon returns to Spring Spark this year with an exciting collaboration with dancing duo Elle Macy and Dylan Wald!

Elle and Dylan were blown away by 2Bar’s Distiller Sonie Watson’s different cocktail ideas during their tasting at the SODO tasting room. After much debate, they landed on a cocktail that uses some unusual flavors to create the perfect balanced cocktail. Banana liqueur, anyone?

Astraea Gin | Kyle Davis & Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan

The wild landscapes of the Pacific Northwest inspire Astraea’s gin. Founded by Danielle Leavell, Astraea uses traditional brewing and distilling methods combined with the best botanicals the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Astraea is a returning Spring Spark collaborator, creating a unique cocktail this go-around with Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan and Kyle Davis!

Right from their first chat, Sarah-Gabrielle, Kyle, and Astraea made an incredible team. They knew they wanted to highlight the true flavors of the gin and stay far away from sugary sweet. They can hardly wait to show off their sophisticated take on a Swan Lake-inspired cocktail.

Fast Penny Amaro | Leah Terada

Fast Penny Spirits is a woman-owned, award-winning Amaro distillery and Certified B Corp. Founder Jamie Hunt’s background informs the company. With grandparents who emigrated from Sicily, Jamie embraced Italian flavors from a young age. As a Pacific Northwest native, Jamie also wanted to highlight the region’s abundant organic and wild-crafted ingredients. Fast Penny Spirits is collaborating with Leah Terada on their very first Spring Spark cocktail this year!

Fun, fiery, and fresh are what you should expect from this collaborative drink! When Jamie and Leah came together there was no shortage of laughter, and we expect you’ll feel the same after just one sip.

Glass Vodka | Ashton Edwards & Noah Martzall

Glass Distillery, founded in 2012 by Ian G. MacNeil, creates artisan vodka distilled using Washington wine grapes. Glass’ craft production process produces a distinctive vodka that retains the high, elegant citrus qualities of the white Washington wine grapes from which it is distilled. Noah Martzall and Ashton Edwards are creating a cocktail featuring Glass Vodka, a returning Spring Spark partner!

Have you been looking for a little more magic in your cocktails? Look no further than Ashton and Noah’s creation with Glass. This delicious sip is sure to surprise your eyes and your tastebuds!

Bell’s Cookies | Cecilia Iliesiu

Bell’s Cookie Co. is named after co-founders Tomas and Brooke Perez’s daughter Isabella. Bell’s Cookie Co. encourages celebrating the big moments or making every day a celebration, with a fresh batch of memories … and cookies. Bell Cookie Co. returns to Spring Spark again this year, this time collaborating with Principal dancer Cecilia Illiesiu.

Swan Lake inspiration takes on a sweet side with this collaboration! But unlike the Black Swan, the only thing sinister about this cookie is how it makes you want more.

Cupcake Royale | Audrey Malek

Cupcake Royale was founded in 2003, and is Seattle’s first cupcake bakery and café. Cupcake Royale values giving back to the community. They use fresh, natural ingredients from Washington farmers and producers. As Seattleites, Cupcake Royale is passionate about providing great coffee to enjoy with their sweet treats, and they host an artisan expresso Verite Coffee. This is Cupcake Royale’s first year at Spring Spark! They are collaborating with Audrey Malek to create a delicious cupcake!

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. Cupcake Royale’s CCO (Chief Cupcake Officer) Michelle St. Clair and Audrey are coming together to dish up classic, sweet nostalgia.

Fran’s Chocolates | Amanda Morgan

Fran’s Chocolates is a luxury chocolate company in Seattle founded by the one and only Fran Bigelow. Warm and engaging, Fran is also a serious artist and master chocolatier. A visit to Paris inspired Fran’s passion for pure flavors and simple, yet exquisite ingredients. Fran’s Chocolates is a close partner with PNB, but this will be their first year participating in Spring Spark!

Amanda’s trip into the Fran’s production facility had her feeling a bit like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Guided by Fran herself along with daughter and CEO, Andrina Bigelow, Amanda tasted her way through a handful of chocolate creations tailored to her Dominican and Puerto Rican roots.

Macrina Bakery | Leta Biasucci

Macrina Bakery was founded by Leslie Mackie. The bakery’s goods are created from Northwest apples, potatoes, cranberries, and hazelnuts, as well as wheat, rye, barley, and buckwheat flour. Through creating and serving baked goods, Macrina Bakery celebrates the tradition of breaking bread with family and friends. Macrina Bakery, a long time PNB supporter and partner, is collaborating with Principal dancer Leta Biassuci this year for Spring Spark!

Working with the Macrina Bakery team is like working with creative scientists. From the very first meeting with Leta, Leslie, Head Pastry Chef Sam Stout, and Retail Production Manager Katarina Ducharme, there was electric energy. They shoot ideas back and forth, navigating what is possible in the kitchen to create a bite that is perfectly ‘Leta’.

Tealeaves | Christopher D’Ariano

TEALEAVES produces handcrafted blends made by tea artisans in Vancouver, Canada. The tea purveyor of choice for five-star hotels and Michelin chefs worldwide, TEALEAVES believes that a truly luxurious product fosters biodiversity. In an impressive effort, TEALEAVES cares for the earth through multi-faceted projects, plant-based packaging, and carefully sourced ingredients that utilize Biodiversity+ Design. TEALEAVES is a valuable PNB partner, but this will be their first year participating in Spring Spark! 

Christopher and TEALEAVES are working together on an alcohol-free, yet intriguingly complex drink. When members of the TEALEAVES team joined Christopher at The Phelps Center for a tea tasting, PNB’s little conference room became a beautiful space of discovery! After just one sip, it becomes immediately clear that TEALEAVES is so much more than ‘just tea.’ 

Join us at Spring Spark to sample these delicious culinary collaborations for yourself. Plus, support PNB students with a silent auction sponsored by PNB STARS, and bid on exciting prizes like a behind-the-scenes tour of PNB’s The Nutcracker or a staycation at Hyatt Regency Lake Washington. Whether you come for the community, the food and drinks, or the love of PNB, you’ll leave sparked with passion! Find tickets and info here.

Photo credits: Featured photo – PNB Company dancers, photo © Lindsay Thomas. Elle Macy, Dylan Wald, Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan, Kyle Davis, Leah Terada, Ashton Edwards, Noah Martzall, Cecilia Iliesiu, Audrey Malek, Amanda Morgan, Leta Biasucci, and Christopher D’Ariano, photos © Angela Sterling.