PNB School 2024 Graduate Messages

Pacific Northwest Ballet School is thrilled to congratulate the graduating class of 2024! Keep scrolling to read celebratory messages from family and friends of these graduating students, and join us in celebrating these talented students!

Pictured above: Level VIII & Advanced C Graduates (l), Professional Division Graduates (r). Photos © Lindsay Thomas.

Abi Brautigam

Abi, we are so proud of all your accomplishments this year and are thrilled you will be continuing your training in the Professional Division. Your hard work and dedication to your passion inspires us all. Congratulations! We cannot wait to see you soar! Love, Mom and Addy!

Abigail Einterz


Thrived in Seattle

Beat Os Trigonum X 2

Welcome to Indy!

Amelia Erich

Congratulations Amelia! You had an amazing two years in the PD program dancing so many great roles and training with the best. We cannot wait to watch you start your career at Saint Louis Ballet. We love you tons! Mom, Dad, Ella, Gus and Lucca.

Asa Hofmann Burns

Congratulations, Asa! Seems like only yesterday you were a little mouse jumping on the Nutcracker’s back… We are so proud of your dedication and your accomplishments. We love you! Mama, Papa, and Hani.

Asher Voorhees

Congratulations on your graduation from the Professional Division program! We are proud of your dedication and determination over the last two years. We can’t wait to see you perform on the next stage! We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Mia.

Ava Schandlbauer

Congratulations, Ava! We are constantly amazed and so very proud of your hard work and dedication. We can’t wait to see you thrive as you continue to pursue your passion. Love, Mom and Dad.

Clara Kang-Crosby

You were born a dancer. We are very privileged to watch you dance. Keep shining, Clara! We love you as big as the sky!

Drew Lybolt

We always knew your hard work would pay off – congratulations Drew – keep leaping for your brass ring, and enjoy every second of the journey! Much love, Mom, Ema & Simon.

Eleanor Faul

We’re so proud of you! You’re a beautiful, intelligent & artistic young woman. Determined, tenacious, committed & powerful are just a few of your amazing traits. Your keen eye and impeccable taste are beyond compare and you are a beautiful dancer!

Eliana Tucker

Eliana, we are so proud of all you have accomplished. Your strength, dedication, and perseverance have paved the way to your success. It has been a joy to watch you dance, and we look forward to sharing all the adventures your life is going to bring.

Emily Soria

Emily, congratulations on completing PNB’s Professional Division Program. We are so proud of you, as you’ve tackled this adventure! You lived over a thousand miles away from home, made new friends, served in your Seattle community, and captured the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with your photography. You are both a beautiful dancer and an equally beautiful soul. We are excited for you as you start the next adventure, and we love you to the moon and back, a million times! Mom & Dad.

Gustav Frautschi

Loyalty. Courage. Honor. Friendship. Justice. Romance. Wisdom.

Jared A. Cordova

From a very young age, Jared was drawn to dance, from watching all the videos for The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and Coppelia among many others. He began training at a local studio in Houston Texas, under the direction of Adriane Florin Ciobano, his main Mentor, as well as his Director Beth Gulledge Brown. He participated in many summer intensives beginning with Houston Ballet and continuing with Brigham Young University and Boston Ballet. He had trained in Bourneville with Mr. Alex Pandissio. Upon graduation with an associate degree from Lone Star College, Jared was accepted to Brigham Young University and performed with The Theater Ballet, with whom he performed in various performances as one of his highlights on the role of Von Rothbart in Swan Lake, receiving a positive critic from the public. Jared appeared as a guest cavalier in The Nutcracker with Cache Ballet Civic Ballet, as a guest dancer cavalier for Sleeping Beauty, and as an instructor for Uptown Dance Center. Jared has continued his classic ballet education with Pacific Northwest Ballet and danced in various productions including Swan Lake, Coppelia, and Nutcracker, and will participate in the summer intensive with Valley West in Salt Lake City. He was offered a contract to dance for the St. Louis MO Ballet in the fall of 2024. We are so proud of his accomplishments, and we want to celebrate his work and dedication!

Leena Wheeler

Congratulations, Kid! You are an amazing young woman. Embrace your unique artistry and share it with the world. Keep dancing with joy, grace, and courage. Your future is bright, and your dreams are within reach. Keep shining! Love Mom and Dad.

Logan McIntosh

We are so very PROUD of you! Dance is in your Soul. Congratulations on your year at PNB! Love Mom and Dad!

Lucas Galvan

Congratulations!! You’re making all of us more proud than we ever knew we could be! Your dedication and hard work shows, you’re becoming an amazing dancer and are a joy to be around! We love you to the moon and back x infinity!

Luci Radke

Luci – we are so proud of all you have accomplished in 2 years, and this pic and the joy you show in this dance show the confidence you have gained through this experience. You have dealt with so many challenges during this time on an entirely opposite coast – a very challenging senior year, living on your own, learning how to cook 😉, your first injury, and even the first to get COVID… from PB! You have grown as a beautiful dancer and an even more beautiful person. This experience will take you anywhere you choose with confidence and strength. We have missed you terribly but are so thankful and proud of all you have done. Congratulations to you – and thank you for this beautiful performance! Love, Mom, Dad, Emma, Sam, Nolan, Tana, Ellery, Rob and Paxton.

Lucy Carlin

We’ve been amazed by your dancing for 16 years so far. Looking forward to the amazements to come in this art which will always be a part of your life. We love you! Mama, Daddy, Leo, and Margaret.

Max Howard

Max, congratulations on your graduation! You have navigated life so far with perseverance, joy, passion, artistry, and kindness. We love you always and are so proud of you, and are waiting in the wings for all that is coming next! Mum, Dad, and Lily.

Morgan Barton

We’ve watched you from your first recital as a little white duck to watching you grow into a talented, beautiful, passionate dancer who is capable of anything and ready to take on the world. Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential. We love you. Momma, Daddy, Garrett, Isla, and Kitty.

We are incredibly proud of the amazing dancer you’ve become. You let your light shine both on and off the stage. I can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes you! Melissa, Linzi, and Eric

We are so proud of you Morgan! Love you, Daddy, Bob, and Nana.

Quinlan Snow

From Dance Chance to Level VIII, congratulations, Quinlan, for 10 years of amazing dance at PNB School! Love Mom, Dad, Robert, and Nathan.

Sadie LaComa

Since Sadie took her first class at a community center at age 3, she has been in motion. Always dancing down the grocery aisles & through the house. Her PNB school experience began in kindergarten and continued through 13 years of training. She was challenged and inspired by her classes and her summer intensives. I am always awed by Sadie’s love of performance, expressing the works through dance. Sadie can create movements with such grace and intensity. Nutcracker and the many shows that she participated in have been such invaluable experiences. Her choreographic endeavors have been a journey, each new piece expressing her creative vision. Sadie, I hope that you always create through dance. My ladybug… I love you. Mom.

Whew….what a journey eh? From the first moment you took center stage we all knew you were destined for big things. We are all so incredibly proud of not only the dancer you’ve blossomed into, but the exceptional woman you’ve become as well. Strong, powerful, open-minded, loving, and adventurous. Creative, dedicated, driven, goofy, and now, a PNB Grad. Congratulations kiddo, I’m so proud of you. Luv, Dad.

Shea Kozel

Creative Movement, Petite Finales, 5 Nutcrackers, Midsummer’s, Sleeping Beauty, Covid zoom classes, injury, school performances, endless miles of driving, New Voices, all through Level VIII. 13 yrs has made a beautiful, dedicated, graceful ballet dancer, but more importantly, a strong, independent young woman we love. Congratulations, Shea and Merde!

Sofia Bidne

We are so very proud of you, Sofia. We have been privileged to watch your strong and steady grace blossom into making your dreams a reality. Your hard work, determination, and tender heart inspire us daily. These past few years were especially powerful as we witnessed your risk-taking and dedication be rewarded. Carry on with your fierce yet humble self, in absolute faith, that the journey is the true adventure. All our Love, Mom & Dad.

Sophia-Isabella (Bella) Morisseau

Bella, We are so proud of your accomplishments so far. Graduating high school and PNB is just an overture to the grand ballet of your life. We cannot wait to watch the many more dazzling performances ahead. Congratulations and keep dancing to the sound of your passion and resilience! Nous sommes fiers de toi, et t’aimons très fort. Mom, Dad, Layla & Cyrano.

Bella, You have had to live with me for 15 years and I’m sure some of it felt like a chore. I will miss you so much when you go off to college, where you will shine brighter than everyone else to me. I will also miss the many little things about you, like your loud laugh and obsessions with Dior and LaNeige products. I will treasure our special memories like our trip to Disney with our friends and laughing together. It does not matter if you’re down the hall or across the country, you’ll always be my sister and mean the world to me. Love, Layla.

Ma Chère Bella, Félicitation pour ta graduation en danse! Ton dévouement et ta passion t’ont permis ce succès. Je suis fière de toi, et convaincue que ce n’est que le début d’une belle aventure. Bravo et beaucoup de succès pour la suite. Tattie Nika.

Bella, Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of dance. Keep following your passion and let the world be your stage. We are so proud of you! Love always, Tatty Dominique.

Thomas Kingsbury

Congratulations, Thomas. I’m proud of you always. Love, Mom.