PNB Community Education programming values:

  • a creative process and classroom culture which empowers students as creative agents
  • building community, connection, and collaboration within classroom communities
  • student-centered, inclusive, & culturally responsive curriculum
  • movement and the arts as fundamental parts of basic education and the human experience

For the 2020-21 school year, PNB is offering flexible, virtual programming with the following core elements:

  • virtual, experiential dance activities delivered through live and/or pre-recorded 15-30 minute video sessions; a series of 3-12 sessions is recommended
  • arts integration curriculum tailored to your school
  • focus on Social Emotional Learning competency areas and activities authentic to the arts that support student mental and emotional health
  • understanding that engagement will look different for each student (technology access, physical space, physical embodiment of movement)
  • PNB staff will work with you to make content available/accessible to distribute through the existing digital platforms/tools your school is using
  • a modified fee structure to reflect a virtual learning model; schools with a published free/reduced lunch status of more than 50% may also qualify for sliding-scale program fees

Contact for more information.

For free, on-demand video movement activities led by PNB teaching artists, please visit our Video Learning Series.

DISCOVER DANCE is the largest, most comprehensive program within PNB’s education offerings. DISCOVER DANCE provides high-quality, standards-based dance education and world-class professional dance resources to schools that otherwise offer little or no dance instruction.

DISCOVER DANCE provides students with opportunities to learn skills and processes needed to bring an original creative work to life. At each partner school, all classrooms and students from one grade level participate in a residency lasting an average of three months with instruction taking place during the school day. Mirroring professional artistic practices and using curriculum that blends creative movement and choreographic tools, students work as a class to create their own dance.

Additionally, partner classrooms attend live professional performances at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, tour PNB’s studios and costume shop, observe and meet Company dancers, and perform their original choreography at McCaw Hall or PNB’s professional studios.

Each participating school is highly involved in planning and implementation of the program. Teachers are key in planning lessons that relate to classroom curriculum; principals and staff are instrumental in providing communication home to families and coordinating space and in-school opportunities for students. 

For more information, contact or 206.441.9411 x4121.

PNB is a rostered partner with The Creative Advantage—Seattle Public Schools’ plan to provide equitable arts education. PNB is also a partner with Bellevue School District’s summer school program.

For Partner Schools

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DISCOVER DANCE residencies are divided into four phases of learning which mirror professional artistic practice. Each phase has distinct learning objectives based on state standards in dance. Lessons also support program and classroom goals and 21st Century skills, such as collaboration and perseverance. All lessons are aligned with state standards in dance.

Phase I
Building Skills

Phase II
Creating Choreography

Phase III
Rehearse and Refine

Phase IV
Performance and Reflection

Arts Integration

A hallmark of DISCOVER DANCE is integration with other subject areas- aligning learning objectives and vocabulary across disciplines. Examples of DISCOVER DANCE curriculum integration units include:

Dancing stories
Folktales, Fairy Tales, Myths

Counting, Multiplication, and Grouping
Symmetry and Rotation

Balance and Weighing
Solids & Liquids

Social Studies
Washington State geography

Community Performance

at McCaw Hall

More than 700 elementary and middle school students perform works they collaboratively create, on stage at McCaw Hall. Performances include original works created in residencies by the students and their PNB teaching artists. Also featured in the performances are REACH Student Dance Group and PNB Company dancers.

Fall Performance
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 2:00 pm

Featuring student dancers from: Arbor Heights Elementary, Broadview Thomson K-8, Highland Park Elementary, and Licton Springs K-8

Winter Performance
Saturday, March 27, 2021, 11:30 am

Featuring student dancers from: Daniel Bagley Elementary, Eastgate Elementary, Graham Hill Elementary, and Thurgood Marshall Elementary