School Dress Code

PNB School’s dress code is designed to encourage unity and discipline among our students. All students in PNB Tots, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, and Levels I-VIII are required to wear PNBS logo leotards. Students not meeting the required dress code will be restricted from participation in class.

Students Identifying as Female

  • Leotard: Color appropriate for the Level (see color list below).
  • Tights: Pink or flesh colored. Tights should be translucent and matte (not shiny or Lycra), with no holes or runs. Underwear should not be word under tights.
  • Technique shoes Levels IV-VIII: Ballet slippers may be canvas (leather shoes required for performances), aligned with the color of tights, and sewn with a single elastic.
  • Pointe shoes are requred for Level IV and above: Pointe shoe color should align with tights. PNBS schedules personal Freed fittings for each student every fall.

Students Identifying as Male

  • Leotard: Short-sleeved white or a snug-fitting white t-shirt.
  • Tights: Opaque black. No short cut-off tights or shorts at any time.
  • Socks: Thin white crew-length dance socks (no tube socks).
  • Technique shoes CD-III: Ballet slippers should be white, leather, and sewn with a single elastic.
  • Technique shoes IV-Adv. C: Ballet slippers should be white, canvas is optional (leather shoes required for performances), and sewn with a single elastic.
  • Dance belts are required for Level I and above.
  • Students must wear a shirt or leotard at all times.

Please note: Do not use fabric softeners when laundering dance attire; it damages studio floors.

PNB School Logoed Leotard Colors

These beautiful PNBS logoed leotards are designed to suit PNBS’ dress requirement standards and create a uniform appearance in the classroom.¬†Leotards and dance shirts may be purchased at On Pointe Dancewear or Empire Dance.

Leotard Colors
PNBS Tots: Black
Creative Movement: White
Pre-Ballet: Red
Level I: Light Pink
Level II: Light Blue
Level III: Light Lilac
Level IV: Sky Blue
Level V: Dark Purple
Level VI: Celestine Blue
Level VII: Tropic Green
Level VIII: Navy
All C-designated classes: White

Extended Curriculum Classes (Level IV-VIII and PD) Dress Code

  • Pointe Variations:
    • Level VII-class leotard and black or white skirt (skirts for Variations only)
    • Level VIII-white leotard and white skirt (skirts for Variations only)
  • Jazz
    • Jazz or technique shoes, black tights
  • Modern & Choreography
    • Technique shoes or barefoot, black tights
  • PNB Strengthening Program
    • Yoga mat; Therabands (preferably two – red or blue only); weights (one or two lb); ball, roller, or pillow for upper back placement during abdominal exercises.
  • Seminars
    • Street clothes

Additional Dress Code Guidelines

  • Hair: All hair is required to be pulled back and fastened securely away from the face (no ponytails). Students/parents must be responsible for the necessary supplies to have hair done before class time. Short hair should be fastened away from face. Hair should not be a distraction in class.
  • No shirts, legwarmers, skirts (unless required), warm-ups etc., may be worn.
  • Jewelry should be minimal: small earrings and watches. No facial jewelry (nose rings, etc.).
  • Shoes should be neatly sewn with like- color thread. No safety pins.
  • Dancewear is to be kept laundered and in good repair. Any holes should be mended with same- color thread. Fabric softener cannot be used for any clothes worn in PNB studios as it damages the dance flooring.
  • Please mark clothing, shoes, and dance bags with the student’s name and class level. Extended curriculum dress code requirements are mandatory as announced.
  • Dress Code must be adhered to in all Company rehearsals.
  • Students that do not have proper hair or attire may be asked to sit out.

Dress Code for Arriving & Leaving the School

No one is to arrive or leave PNB School wearing only a leotard and tights. No technique shoes may be worn outside. This policy reflects our concern for the safety of our students and maintaining our studio floors.