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Angeli Mamon onstage

Angeli Mamon onstage at the Dresden Semperoper Ballet in 2015.

Each year PNB School selects upper level students to participate in established three to six-week exchanges at three elite ballet schools: Canada’s National Ballet School, the Royal Danish Ballet School, and the Palucca School  in Dresden, Germany.

Students chosen for the National Ballet School in Toronto, Ontario participate in the school’s four-week summer program. Established in 1959, NBS is one of the world’s foremost training institutions providing dance training, academic instruction, and residential care on one campus. The summer exchange program, started by Francia Russell and NBS artistic director Mavis Staines, will enter its nineteenth year in 2017.

Students chosen for the Flemming Halby Dance Student Exchange program between PNB School and the Royal Danish Ballet School, will travel to Copenhagen for the Royal Danish Ballet School’s three-week program. The exchange, made possible by Support from Scan|design Foundation by Inger and Jens Bruun and the Northwest Danish Association, was initiated in 2007 to honor Flemming Halby, longtime PNBS faculty member and former Royal Danish Ballet dancer.

“I was, and am, immensely grateful to have been chosen for such a unique opportunity: three weeks in Copenhagen, studying with the Royal Danish Ballet and its school. At first, I was unsure of what to expect. I had little knowledge of the Royal Danish Ballet. At least, I could expect to learn something new—to benefit from a new perspective.”

-Isaac Bates-Vinueza, 2016 exchange student

The exchange with the Palucca School Dresden in Germany is in its eleventh year. Founded in 1925 by Margarethe Palucca, the Palucca School Dresden is the only independent college for dance in Germany. The school offers year-round four to five-week training and performance opportunities with the Dresden Semperoper Ballet.

In addition to the three reciprocal exchanges, PNB School also hosts two students from Bulgaria each summer, to participate in PNB’s annual Summer Course. Bulgarian students are chosen through the Iliev Dance Art Foundation, directed by PNB Summer Course guest faculty member, Petur Iliev.