Snow White


Jules Massenet


Bruce Wells


Ezra Thomson & Jonathan Porretta (2023)
Michele Curtis (2015, 2018)

Scenic Design & Properties

Edith Whitsett

Costume Design

Pacific Northwest Ballet Costume Shop

Lighting Design

Randall G. Chiarelli


March 17, 2012; Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Snow White is an hour-long, narrated version of the classic fairy tale, performed by students of Pacific Northwest Ballet School.

The Story

The ballet begins with the Seven Dwarfs returning home after working all day in the diamond mines.  As the curtain rises, the scene changes into an enchanted forest. Into the forest stroll a King and his Queen. The King asks a beautiful butterfly to dance for them. The Seven Dwarfs return and eagerly ask the King to tell them the story of Snow White. The King tells how Snow White’s mother dreamt of having a beautiful daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and with hair as black as ebony. Sadly, when the child was born, the Queen died. Happily, as time passed, Snow White grew more beautiful each day.

Not long after, the King takes another Queen, who was a beautiful woman, but vain and evil. This Queen has a magical Mirror from whom she learns of the beautiful Snow White. Instantly, she commands a Huntsman take Snow White into the forest and kill her. The Huntsman cannot and tells Snow White to run away.

In the forest Snow White finds the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage and falls asleep. While sleeping, she dreams of meeting her Prince. The Dwarfs return home to find Snow White and tell her she can stay with them, warning her not to let anyone inside.

Upon hearing that Snow White is still alive, the Evil Queen creates a poison apple, transforms herself into an old beggar woman, and travels to the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage. Innocently, Snow White takes the apple and with one bite appears to have died. Distraught, the Dwarfs weep at her bedside.

Soon, a king’s son appears in the forest, and with his kiss the Evil Queen’s spell is broken.Once again the Evil Queen is told by her magical mirror that Snow White is still alive. This so angers the Queen that she tries to put a curse on the mirror, but instead becomes caught in her own image for all eternity.