The Perpetual State


Francis Poulenc
(Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in D minor, FP 61, 1932)


Ezra Thomson

Costume Design

Ezra Thomson

Lighting Design

Reed Nakayama


March 16, 2018; Pacific Northwest Ballet

Program Notes

After my father’s memorial service had concluded, I turned to my childhood friend. When we were 11 or 12, his father had passed away. I asked him whether these terrible feelings I had would get better. His response was, “No, they just become a part of you. You learn to live with them and they shape the rest of your life.” This is the perpetual state we find ourselves in when we lose someone. But there is another perpetual state, the state of love–the amazing state of love that I have and will continue to have for my wife for my entire life. We carry all these feelings with us throughout our lives and find ourselves in these perpetual states.

Notes by Ezra Thomson.