The Window


Shannon Rugani


Dani Rowe

Lighting Design

Reed Nakayama

Costume Design

Emma Kingsbury


25 minutes


3 dancers


November 3, 2023; Pacific Northwest Ballet

The 2023 world premiere of Dani Rowe’s new work is generously supported by T.R. Ko.

Program Notes

The Window is a one-act ballet in five chapters with three characters: The Watcher, The Man, and The Woman. This work is inspired by “The Living Room,” a true story recounted by Diane Weipert about a woman who watches her neighbors through a window. The Window abstracts and physicalizes the uncanny experience of witnessing life’s most urgent moments as they happen to other people in our lives. Often, our most intimate relationships happen with complete strangers. The ways we share – and feel – one another’s brightest and darkest moments of life are what comprise our mutual existence. — Dani Rowe

chapter one:
i waited unknowingly

chapter two:
i watched their young love

chapter three:
they weren’t there any more
time moved on
i missed them

chapter four:
they returned altered
he was sick
she cared for him
i kept vigil

chapter five:
she wiped her tears away
i knew then
she did not know me
i knew her
through the window