PNB Endowment

To provide a legacy for generations to come, Pacific Northwest Ballet established Pacific Northwest Ballet Foundation in 1998 to receive endowment gifts and bequests. PNB Foundation is a separate entity and is governed by its own board made up of PNB Board of Trustees members.

PNB’s Endowment serves as an investment in the future, providing ongoing financial security while allowing PNB to create engaging repertories, attract and retain the best artists, and pursue education and outreach initiatives with confidence. The principal of the fund is carefully invested, while a portion of the interest generated supports PNB’s artistic and educational programs on an annual basis. Gifts to PNB’s Endowment support PNB in perpetuity and provide a long-term and predictable source of support, as well as an enduring tribute to donors’ generosity.

With a commitment of $100,000 or more, a person, couple, or family can choose to establish a named fund for yourself or loved one within the PNB Endowment. Distributions from the fund can be used for unrestricted purposes or be directed to one of several different areas of interest.

Pacific Northwest Ballet Foundation Endowed Funds

General Endowment Fund
Income from the General Endowment Fund is unrestricted and is used to support the general operations of Pacific Northwest Ballet, allowing PNB the flexibility to spend the income where it is most needed each year.

Artistic Initiatives Fund
Income from this fund provides support for salaries and benefits for dancers, artistic staff, rehearsal directors, and stagers.

Creative Initiatives Fund
PNB has built a reputation for taking the artistic risks that make ballet a vital, evolving art form. The Creative Initiatives Fund provides an on-going source of support which helps PNB continue its commitment to creating new works and new productions.

Pacific Northwest Ballet School Fund
Income from this fund supports general operations of the School, ensuring its ability to nurture future artists, and promote lifelong benefits to avocational dancers.

Named Scholarship Funds
Named Scholarship Funds provide annual income to support tuition, financial stipends, toe shoes, and clothing for aspiring young dancers who cannot afford professional dance training at PNB School.

Education and Outreach Fund
The Education and Outreach Fund provides income to help underwrite PNB’s innovative community outreach and educational programs which serve thousands of schoolchildren and adults throughout the Puget Sound region each year.

Touring Initiatives Fund
Touring is a natural outgrowth of Pacific Northwest Ballet’s rise in prominence as one of the world’s preeminent professional ballet companies and schools. Income from this fund supports costs associated with national and international touring.

You can help increase PNB’s Endowment by making an outright gift of cash or securities to Pacific Northwest Ballet Foundation. By helping to build our Endowment you will help keep PNB dancing in perpetuity.

For those who find now is not the right time to make a donation to PNB’s Endowment, please consider Planned Giving as an alternative means of supporting the future of PNB. The Planned Giving program enables you to make strategic contributions through a bequest in your will, living trust, or other gifts that provide benefits during your life and the life of a loved one.

For more information about PNB’s Endowment or to make a donation, please contact: Carrie Mood Okada at or 206.441.3599.