Second Stage

PNB’s Career Transition Program for Dancers

Conceived in 1999, Second Stage is a multi-faceted career transition program created by PNB dancers, Trustees, and volunteers to support the dancers you see on stage in achieving their goals following a career in dance. Second Stage resources allow dancers to take classes, access mentors and career counseling, and receive grants. Funding from fans like you has built the Second Stage program, making it possible for PNB dancers to become Pilates instructors, real estate agents, interior designers, small business owners, medical students, and law students.

In addition to providing grants for online learning, university, and community college support, Second Stage developed a partnership with Seattle University in 2003. SU offers PNB dancers college courses at times that work with their busy schedules. The SU partnership teaches academic skills, but perhaps more importantly, demonstrates to the dancers that they are indeed multi-talented individuals capable of diverse achievements on and off the stage. This knowledge provides hope for their future after dance and enriches their lives as dancers today.

The past nineteen years have been remarkably successful for Second Stage. In 1999, only a handful of dancers actively planned their career after dance. Since that time, Second Stage has provided more than $950,000 in grants to dancers and generous donors have contributed over $1,135,000 in support of the program.

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For more information, please contact Nicole Song at or 206.441.3593.

“PNB’s second stage program has helped my company Jordan Samuel Fragrances become a reality. The program afforded me the ability to get my company name trademarked and purchase the high-quality oils used in my aromas. I couldn’t have done it without Second Stage!”

Jordan Pacitti, Former PNB Dancer and owner of Jordan Samuel Fragrances

“The Second Stage/Seattle University program has given me the confidence to enter the collegiate world and the chance to explore my options for a career outside ballet. Now that I’m retired, my transition to my next stage has not been overwhelming; instead, I feel equipped with the tools to lead me to success off the stage. Second Stage has opened a door of endless opportunities for me.”

Melanie Skinner, Former PNB soloist

“Dancing is the greatest passion in my life, and it is my passion for life that makes me want to prepare for the future. Second Stage is a great platform on which I can grow as an artist and an individual.”

Kiyon Ross, Former PNB Soloist

“I believe dancers are ideal students. Academics are about discipline and working hard to achieve a goal, as in dance. Incorporating something else in my life, something new like university classes is perfect for me to take my mind away from the pressures of training and rehearsal, while the class-work, writing poetry, and completing assignments, develop another dimension of myself as a person.”

Carrie Imler, Former PNB principal dancer

Second Stage for Dancers

The documents below are intended only for PNB dancers and current Second Stage participants and are password protected. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Terrie Flaming at

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