You might have seen a few rehearsal videos from PNB lately, either in our emails or on our social media accounts. Why’s that?

We’re performing three works that are brand new to the company. It’s a very exciting time, with lots of anticipation for what we’ll see onstage November 2–11.

Looking to learn more about those three works before getting tickets? Read on for a few fast facts from Artistic Director Peter Boal.

Company dancers rehearse Cacti. Photo © Lindsay Thomas.


  • A Dark and Lonely Space is based off the idea that personifying the birth of a planetary system could shed light on human behavior.
  • Kyle Davis’ creative team includes composer Michael Giacchino, scenic and lighting designer Reed Nakayama and costume designer Elizabeth Murphy. Liz and Reed are engaged. Kyle and Liz met as teenagers during a summer course at The Rock School in Philadelphia. Their dorm rooms were across the hall.
  • Over 120 musicians will perform in Lonely Space, with 64 players in the pit, 60 singers in the side boxes and one soprano onstage in a 12’ long skirt.
  • Kyle played 22 musical instruments growing up and has conducted the PNB orchestra during the overture of Nutcracker.
  • Doug Fullington will make his conducting debut with PNB for Cacti.
  • Silent Ghost is the third work by Alejandro Cerrudo to enter the PNB repertoire. Elizabeth Murphy, James Moore, Leah Merchant, Angelica Generosa, Ezra Thomson, Steven Loch, and Price Suddarth have been in all three.
  • Alejandro is Resident Choreographer for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, where he was also a dancer. In March we’ll see a premiere by Robyn Mineko Williams who danced alongside Alejandro for many years with Hubbard Street.
  • Alejandro’s wife Ana Lopez Garcia (currently a dancer with HSDC) coached Silent Ghost. Their daughter Lua (6 months) was also a regular presence in the studio.
  • Alexander Ekman’s Cacti is full of irreverence and surprise. Not to give anything away, but beware of the cat.


Following each repertory performance at PNB, audience members have the opportunity to meet the artists onstage, ask them questions, and wait out the post-show traffic! These Q&A sessions are moderated by Peter Boal or a member of PNB’s artistic team. We’re also welcoming KUOW’s Marcie Sillman on November 3 after the 2:00 PM performance for her Front Row Center broadcast. Here’s our schedule for ALL PREMIERE’s Meet the Artist opportunities:

KUOW’s Marcie Sillman with principal dancer Sarah Ricard Orza and Artistic Director Peter Boal at a Front Row Center event. Photo courtesy of KUOW.
  • Friday, November 2 evening: Leah Merchant (with Peter Boal)
  • Saturday, November 3 matinee: Kyle Davis (with Marcie Sillman + Peter Boal)
  • Saturday, November 3 evening: Christian Poppe + Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan (with Peter Boal)
  • Thursday, November 8 evening: Christopher D’Ariano + Amanda Morgan (with Peter Boal)
  • Friday, November 9 evening: Sarah Pasch + Genevieve Waldorf (with Peter Boal)
  • Saturday, November 10 evening: Elle Macy (with Peter Boal)
  • Sunday, November 11 matinee: Ezra Thomson (with Otto Neubert)

Featured photo: Soloist Kyle Davis coaches Company dancers during rehearsal for A Dark and Lonely Space. Photo © Lindsay Thomas.