Before departing Seattle to join Ballet BC this summer, PNB Company dancer and seasoned choreographer Andrew Bartee will premiere a new work, Peace Out Girl Scout, on this year’s NEXT STEP program. The piece will be his fourth for PNB’s annual choreographic showcase.  

As Seattle dance audiences know, Andrew is passionate about contemporary dance. He is often featured on the Seattle dance scene with  Whim W’Him and at Velocity, a creative epicenter for local dance artists like Kate Wallich and The YC, Bartee’s collaborative partners for this past February’s premiere of Super Eagle

Super Eagle was a huge success. Great buzz, great reviews, sold out houses including the bonus show…It’s definitely among the very best things I’ve seen in Seattle that was actually made in Seattle. Loved the rigor, the technique, the strong aesthetic and the compelling performances.” — Jeffrey Frace

Kate Wallich and Andrew Bartee in Super Eagle. Photo by Jacob Rosen.

Bartee’s penchant for modern and experimental dance has been seen in his previous works like arms that work, which he choreographed on PNB Company dancers in 2012, and in last year’s NEXT STEP contribution, I don’t know what to call it

“I am optimistic about Bartee’s future as a choreographer and dancer. He’s young and he’s definitely working to incorporate elements that will appeal to a more youthful audience, which is important for the longevity of dance.”  — T.S. Flock, Seattle Art News

PNB School students in the 2013 premiere of Bartee’s I don’t know what to call it.

His contemporary style will be on display with the premiere of  Peace Out Girl Scout during this year’s NEXT STEP program on Friday, June 13. Set to minimalist composer Philip Glass’ String Quartet No. 2 “Company,” Peace Out Girl Scout has four movements. Each movement for Bartee represents a subtle yet opposing movement quality. Each quality will be represented by a solo, duet, trio, and quartet. The quartet will morph into the combination of all these qualities. The minimalism of Glass’ music inspires the simple and experimental quality in Bartee’s choreography. He has chosen pedestrian and simple costumes to correspond with his concept. If you thoroughly enjoy contemporary dance works, then you do not want to miss the next work by this exciting, young choreographer!

See Peace Out Girl Scout on NEXT STEP
Friday, June 13 at 7:30 pm.
Only at McCaw Hall!


Blog post by Elisa Jordan. Featured photo: Andrew Bartee rehearsing in PNB’s studios. Photo by Lindsay Thomas.