Q&A with Corps Member Kuu Sakuragi

What is the most rewarding part of being a dancer?

The most rewarding part of being a dancer is the reward of pulling something out of myself during a performance or rehearsal that I didn’t expect to come out. I love the feeling of digging deep to fuel myself to whatever choreography I’m expressing.

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What significance does being a part of PNB during its 50th anniversary have to you?

Growing up through the DanceChance program at PNB has made my career a humbling experience. Now, being a part of PNB as a company member, and working with my colleagues who I admired as a kid is such a full circle moment for me. For PNB’s 50 Anniversary, I am ecstatic to see what is to come both for this organization and for myself as an artist.

How has your approach to your career changed over the past years?

My approach to my work has changed due to my experience in dance over time. As I build more confidence in my abilities, the more I can explore and push myself to the next step.

Photos by Angela Sterling & Lindsay Thomas