Q&A with Apprentice Larry Lancaster

Do you have talents or passions outside of dance? My passions and talents outside of dance are music, fashion, and poetry. Despite dance being my main focus, as a person, I see myself as an all-encompassing artist. I have been passionate about music all my life, and my main focuses before ballet were playing the piano and musical theater.

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Q&A with Apprentice Rosalyn Hutsell

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be? Don’t let your fear overtake your passions. When I was younger, I remember being fearless when it came to trying things in the studio. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve let the fear of failing at things stop me from wanting to try them in the first place.

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Q&A with Apprentice Dylan Calahan

What inspires you outside of the studio? Nature is my biggest inspiration outside of the studio and for the most part in my life too. When I’m feeling confused, anxious, sad, or even mad, I always turn to nature. While there are no answers to some questions we may have, spending time in nature leaves me with a sense of balance that I haven’t found anywhere else.

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Q&A with Apprentice Luca Anaya

How does your identity and background inform who you are as an artist? My identity as a Latin American man means everything to me. Often in my work, when certain roles allow for it, I try to find a way to add a little extra spice and character to the roles I’m dancing. My grandparents were also ballet dancers at the Ballet Nacional de Guatemala.

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Q&A with Corps Member Genevieve Waldorf

If you were not a dancer, is there an alternate career path you would have chosen/ Do you have talents or passions outside of dance? I have nearly completed my undergraduate degree at Harvard University (majoring in Applied Math and minoring in Computer Science). Education has always been a prominent part of my life, and I hope to continue with schooling by attending graduate school and earning my master’s degree.

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