Q&A with Soloist Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan

Do you have pre-performance rituals?

I love matching the leotard I wear in class to the costume I’ll be wearing in performance.

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How has your approach to the career changed over time?

After experiencing my first injury last season, I understand the importance of working smart, not hard. I feel I am so much more mindful when I dance now. It took me learning I am not invincible to be kinder to my body.

What is the best advice that you’ve ever received?

Never compare your path to others! We are all on our own journey and have our own timelines.

Do you have talents or passions outside of dance?

Acting and karate (Kenpo) are two of my favorites. I find they’re helpful in dance as well. Acting helps with the storytelling we convey in ballets. The moves I learn in karate often feel like picking up combinations in class.

What are your favorite Seattle haunts?

I originally took this question way too literally and felt the need to say that the Haunted Underground Tour and the Georgetown Morgue are fun spots.

Photos by Angela Sterling & Lindsay Thomas