Act III, Scene I

Kitri and Basilio are enjoying themselves with Espada, Mercedes, and a group of friends in a tavern filled with gypsies, bullfighters, and other high-spirited folk. Kitri thinks she has escaped her forced marriage to Gamache. Unfortunately, it is not so easy, as her father and his followers manage to find them this time. The lovers hide, but Kitri is found and taken home.

Act III, Scene II

But then Basilio appears and stabs himself because his heart is broken. Kitri realizes straightaway that he has only pretended to kill himself. Supposedly broken-hearted, she begs Don Quixote to persuade Lorenzo to give his blessing to her and the dead Basilio. After all, she can still marry Gamache afterwards, as a widow. But as soon as the blessing has been given, Basilio jumps up. He has fooled everyone. Gamache is furious and challenges the Don to a duel. But neither of them can fight, and Lorenzo becomes reconciled to his fate. And while the wedding of Kitri and Basilio is being celebrated, the Don and his squire go off in search of new adventures.

Story courtesy Dutch National Ballet

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