Musings on Teens, Choreography, Dreams, Sweet Treats & $5 Tickets

The active use of imagination and dreaming of what might be possible without limits should never be underestimated as forces for youthful creativity.  We at PNB take a lot of pride in our youth, and in our future, which is why we are continuing to provide teens around the Seattle area with a […]

Director’s Notebook: Peter Boal on Apollo & Carmina Burana

George Balanchine rarely spoke about his ballets or the process of making them. Didn't the ballets speak for themselves and, besides, aren't the critics always offering their analysis of what the artist was thinking? He made an exception for Apollo, though, calling Stravinsky's score "a turning point in my life. It seemed to tell me that I could dare not to use everything—that I, too, could eliminate."

NEXT STEP: Kiyon Ross, A look at the softer side of the choreographer

I have an insatiable need for speed as both a dancer and a choreographer! I‘m not quite sure when it began, but for me the faster it can be the more exciting. Much of the work that the audiences here in Seattle have seen from me has a vitality and fervor that is […]

Choreographer Victor Quijada on Creating a World Premiere for NEW WORKS at PNB

PNB: Your company in Montreal is called RUBBERBANDance Group. Where did that name come from?

VQ: Partly an identity of a time back when I was in Los Angeles dancing in ciphers, in underground hip-hop spots. That’s part of it. And then […]

Next Step: 6 Choreographers chosen by Artistic Director Peter Boal

There is a new tradition brewing around Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Phelps Center this time of year, and that is the beginning of the wonderful process of NEXT STEP. This distinctive performance where PNB Company dancers choreograph new works for our most advanced students in PNB School’s Professional Division is set for June 16, […]

Artistic Director’s Notebook: Don Quixote

Artistic Director’s Notebook: Don Quixote

Dear Friends,


Join us in sunny Barcelona this weekend without the airfare or the time change! Alexei Ratmansky’s Don Quixote is here, and what a spectacular, over-the-top, inspiring moment for PNB. Here are a few facts you may not […]

Behind the Scenes: Don Quixote with Principal Dancer Maria Chapman

Behind the Scenes: Don Quixote with Principal Dancer Maria Chapman

What role(s) are you learning for Don Quixote? Have you danced in other Don Quixote productions before?
This will be my first production of Don Quixote, and I am learning two roles; Mercedes and the Queen of […]

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