DANCE TO LEARN is a flexible integrated arts residency program for grades K-12. PNB teaching artists work in collaboration with classroom teachers to design a series of dance classes that blends creative movement, choreography, and concepts from other subject areas. Sessions include live musical accompaniment.

What do students learn?

PNB works with teachers to develop residency curriculum that reflects the goals of the school, classroom, and PNB. Residencies follow a PNB-developed curriculum outline rooted in state standards, 21st Century skills (collaboration and perseverance), and professional artistic practices. Students learn dance and choreographic basics, as well as connecting dance concepts to concepts from other subject areas.

PNB Community Education programming values:

  • a creative process and classroom culture which empowers students as creative agents
  • building community, connection, and collaboration within classroom communities
  • student-centered, inclusive, & culturally responsive curriculum
  • movement and the arts as fundamental parts of basic education and the human experience

How many sessions are in a DANCE TO LEARN residency?

Residencies are customizable to the needs of each school. Typically, residencies last 3-12 sessions per classroom. Each session is typically 35-50 minutes long.

Where does the residency take place?

A PNB teaching artist and accompanist will come to your school for in-person residency classes. A large, open space (such as a gym or cafeteria) is recommended.

Special Education & Adaptive Dance

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About Arts Integration

Arts integration uses shared concepts between dance and another area of study. Many schools create custom units with their PNB teaching artist. Examples of DANCE TO LEARN curriculum connections include:


Dancing stories
Folktales, Myths, Legends


Number Sense (counting, multiplication, sequencing)
Symmetry and Rotation


Balancing and Weighing
Solids and Liquids
Life Cycle of Plants

Social Studies

Washington State Geography
Honoring Salmon (Since Time Immemorial WA State Tribal Sovereignty curriculum)

What does it cost?

DANCE TO LEARN residencies are $135 per session. This fee includes teaching artist teaching and planning time, live musical accompaniment, travel, materials, and collaboration time with the classroom teacher.

Discounts are available for multiple sessions and/or classrooms. Schools with a published free/reduced lunch status of more than 50% may also qualify for sliding-scale program fees.

Field Trips

Schools have the option to schedule one of their residency sessions as a field trip to PNB studios for a behind the scenes experience. Subject to scheduling availability.

More Information

Contact or 206.441.2432.

PNB is a rostered partner with The Creative Advantage—Seattle Public Schools’ plan to provide equitable arts education.

For free, on-demand video movement activities led by PNB teaching artists, please visit our Video Learning Series.