Summer Course

July 12–August 13, 2021

Summer Course students and Company dancers share our state-of-the-art facility, The Phelps Center, located in the heart of downtown Seattle by the historic Space Needle. In our spacious, light-filled studios students experience the ultimate setting for professional training while enjoying the benefits of PNB’s outstanding faculty, rigorous curriculum, and safe, secure environment.

We are currently planning to bring students into the studio for Pacific Northwest Ballet School’s 2021 Summer Course. While our intention is to provide in-person instruction, we have a contingency plan in place for online training, if state and local health guidelines and mandates deem it necessary.

New Summer Course audition dates and times added!


Our Summer Course curriculum offers serious ballet students the highest caliber of intensive classical training, augmented by a rich diversity of dance forms necessary to meet the eclectic demands of dance companies today. PNB School’s Summer Course also offers students seminars by PNB consultants and dance specialists on a wide variety of topics relevant to the young dancer including injury prevention, mental health, music, strength and conditioning, and pointe shoe care.

Weekly Schedule

Technique, Pointe, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, Circuit Training, and Seminars*

*Seminars may include injury prevention, mental health, and other dance-related topics.

Students attend classes Monday–Saturday. Class size is limited and all ballet classes are accompanied by professional pianists.


Housing will be provided at Seattle Pacific University for a limited number of students if we are able to provide in-person classes. Stay tuned for more information.


Tuition for all levels of the 5-week 2021 Summer Course is TBD.


Can I audition by DVD or videotape?
We prefer students attend one of our scheduled Zoom auditions (see below for Summer Course Audition information). DVD/video auditions will be accepted from students who cannot attend a scheduled audition. DVD/video submissions will be reviewed after all Summer Course Zoom Auditions conclude, and only if space is available in the program at that time. Scholarships are not awarded to those students accepted via DVD/video. For more information, please contact the school at

When will I find out the results of the audition?
Audition results will be e-mailed by January 30th for auditions scheduled through January 17, then within 2-weeks following each remaining scheduled audition. No critique of the audition will be given.

Is there a maximum age to audition?
Students must be between 12–18 years old for Summer Course and no older than 18 years at the time of audition. Exceptions can be made in special circumstances at the discretion of Denise Bolstad.

What age group should I audition if I am one age at the audition and a different age when Summer Course begins?
Students should audition in the age group according to their age at the time of the audition. Students who are 11 years old at the time of the audition but will be 12 years old by the first day of Summer Course are eligible to audition in the 12-year-old group.

What should I expect at the audition?
PNB auditions consist of a full technique class, with pointe work in the last 10-15 minutes of class. There are no eliminations during the audition; all students will participate in a full class.

What should I wear at the audition?
Students should wear regular class attire: any leotard color is allowed; tight-fitting dance attire for men; technique shoes; women should bring pointe shoes.

Are photos/resumes required for Summer Course auditions?
No. Beyond the completion of the supplemental audition survey (link provided in audition registration confirmation email), students will not need to provide any additional materials in order to audition.

If I am not accepted to Summer Course, may I audition again?
No. Students are not eligible to audition more than once per year for Summer Course. Students are, however, welcome and encouraged to audition for Summer Course in successive years.

May I request and receive feedback from my audition?
Due to the large volume of students who audition each year, we are unable to provide individual feedback.

What if a student has technical difficulties during the Zoom audition?
If technical difficulties prevent PNB School faculty from getting enough information to confidently determine a student’s proper placement, PNB School will request that the student either participate in another virtual audition or submit a pre-recorded audition video.

Please note, these requests for an alternate audition must come from PNB School, not the student. Even when a student does have minor technical difficulties at points throughout the audition, our faculty/staff may still be able to make an informed decision, as there are many opportunities for students to demonstrate their abilities during a class. Ultimately, our audition adjudicators are determined to make sure that each student has been given a fair audition opportunity.

How do I apply for the year round program?
Summer Course students in Levels VII and VIII who are interested in applying to the 2021-22 Professional Division program must complete and submit an application (to be posted in the spring of 2021) by July 1, 2021.

Students interested in the year round program must either attend the 2021 Summer Course or must have attended a prior PNB Summer Course. All students complete and submit a written application. Students who are not attending the 2021 Summer Course must also submit 3 recent videos, including 10 minutes of classwork, 1 classical variation, and 1 contemporary variation.

Those invited to the year round program will be notified by the end of the Summer Course. We generally advise students 16 or younger not to move to Seattle unless a family member is relocating with them. No housing is available during the school year, and students must make their own arrangements for housing and completion of high school courses. Please email Denise Bolstad if you are interested:

Are there scholarships &/or financial aid available?
Pacific Northwest Ballet School determines 98% of its awards at the time of the Summer Course audition. Awards are given for part or full tuition only. Financial aid applications are available for those accepted and in need of assistance. Students must register first to hold a spot in the Summer Course before applying for Financial Aid; once registered, PNB School staff will email the application to the student.


The distinguished faculty of PNBS is dedicated to providing the highest caliber of ballet training to our students. PNBS’s diverse and talented faculty includes current and former dancers from Pacific Northwest Ballet, New York City Ballet, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Royal Winnipeg Ballet and National Ballet of Canada, among many others.

Marisa Albee
Lucie Baker
Peter Boal
Kirsten Cooper
Nancy Crowley
Michele Curtis
Doug Fullington
Ikolo Griffin
Dana Hanson
Jaret Hughes
Dane Holman
Carrie Imler
Sam Picart
Jonathan Porretta
Meg Potter
Louise Nadeau
Kaori Nakamura
Abbie Siegel
Josh Spell
Eva Stone
Marjorie Thompson
Julie Tobiason
Jennifer Turner
Alexander Ung
Amber Willett
Le Yin

Audition Online

New Summer Course audition dates and times added!

This year, in an effort to protect the health of students and our staff, PNB School is hosting live Summer Course audition classes via Zoom in January and February in place of our National Audition Tour.

Virtual auditions will be limited to 25 students per class, ensuring that those auditioning are given thorough attention from faculty.

Audition Eligibility
To audition for PNB School’s Summer Course, students must be between the ages of 12 and 18 years old when the program begins on Monday, July 12, 2021. Students who are 11 may audition in January, if they will be 12 years old by the time Summer Course begins.

All women ages 12-13 must have at least one year of pointe experience in order to audition.

2021 Summer Course Audition Registration

  1. Click here to go to the registration website.
  2. Auditions begin the week of Saturday, January 9th and continue (on Saturdays and Sundays only) until the 30th. The first 15 minutes of an audition block will be for check-in, and the class itself will be roughly 75 minutes for men and 90 minutes for women. Students are expected to be available for the entire scheduled block of time. Students should choose an audition group based on the age the student will be at the time of the audition, and should choose the gender group with which they identify. Please use the arrows at the top of the calendar to navigate to other weeks.
  3. From here, you will be prompted to login and pay for the class. The fee for registering is $30. PLEASE NOTE: You should NOT pay for a class before first selecting an audition date and time. There is an option in mindbody to first pay for the class. Please do not do this. If you have registered this way previously, please email to ensure your registration is correction.
  4. After you successfully have selected a date and time and paid for the class, you will be issued an automatic email which will contain your confirmation, as well as a link to a mandatory survey that must be completed in order to finalize your registration.

Preparing for PNB Schools Virtual Audition

Step One: Download Zoom
In advance of the audition, students should install the Zoom application on the device they will be using for the audition. It is important that this device have a camera and microphone. This will allow our faculty/staff to see students and allow students to ask questions if needed.

Step Two: Make Sure You Have a Space Where You Can Safely Dance
We understand that not everyone has access to a studio for auditions. We will take your space and floor/surface restrictions into consideration when conducting auditions. Maintaining your safety throughout the audition is our highest priority. If you have questions or concerns regarding your space during the audition, please speak up at any time. Students will need an area that is approximately 6 feet by 6 feet. It is not advisable for students to dance on cement floors, concrete floors, or carpet.

Additionally, students will need a barre or a sturdy piece of furniture that is a comfortable height.

Step Three: Make Sure We Will Be Able To See/Hear You
Students should make sure that their cameras are positioned in a way that can capture their full body from a distance. Make sure that you also have some room to move around in your space and still be seen.

Light sources should be positioned in front of a student, rather than behind, for better viewing by faculty.

Step Four: Make Sure You Will Be Able To See/Hear Us
Because devices may be a good distance away from the student, students should make sure they have a way to clearly see and hear the instructor and accompanist. If students have access to a large monitor, this may be an easier way to make sure they can see from a distance. Additionally, if students have headphones or Bluetooth speakers that can be connected to their device, it is suggested these be used for the best audio experience.

Step Five: Join the Zoom Meeting
On the Thursday before their audition, students will receive a confirmation/reminder email. This email will include the Zoom link / Meeting ID and the password required to access the audition.

On the day of the audition, students should make sure to log into the Zoom call between 5 and 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time (not before). Please note, though, it is possible they will not be let into the meeting until the posted start time because of other audition blocks happening before theirs.


For questions or more information about Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Summer Course, please contact:

Pacific Northwest Ballet School
301 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98109

Pacific Northwest Ballet School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accepted or made available to the students of the School.

Summer Course Audition Tour Sponsor:

Talented Students in the Arts Initiative, a collaboration of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the SURDNA Foundation

The International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD)