School Auditions


Auditions for the 2021/22 PNB School Year

Students ages 12-15 with prior ballet training may contact the School to discuss audition requirements: 206.441.2435;

Apply for the 2022/23 Professional Division

Students interested in the year round program must attend the 2022 Summer Course; or must have attended a prior PNB Summer Course or been accepted to a PNB Summer Course through an audition. All students MUST complete and submit a written application (applications will be available online in spring of 2022). Students who are not attending the 2022 Summer Course must also submit 3 recent videos, including 10 minutes of classwork, 1 classical variation, and 1 contemporary variation. All video links should be submitted to No DVD’s accepted. There is no fee to apply for the Professional Division.

Those invited to the year round program will be notified by the end of the Summer Course. We generally advise students 16 or younger not to move to Seattle unless a family member is relocating with them. No housing is available during the school year, and students must make their own arrangements for housing and completion of high school courses. Please email Denise Bolstad if you are interested:

Summer Course Auditions

Summer Course Audition Info

Tips to help students navigate audition season while maintaining relationships with schools:

Communicate openly
Schools pledge to communicate and find solutions if students have concerns about overlapping deadlines or program dates.
Respect policies
Once you have made your decision, please identify and follow each school’s response policies.
Honor deadlines
Respect scholarship offers by responding on or before deadlines to improve a school’s ability to manage enrollment, housing, and wait-lists.
Follow through
After accepting an offer, please follow through and stand by your commitment.

Endorsed by members of the Dance/USA School Directors Affinity Group.