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Wartime Elegy


Valentin Silvestrov (Four Postludes for Piano and String Orchestra); Ukrainian Village Music, “Pidkamecka Kolomyjka” and “Nina Polka”


Alexei Ratmansky

Scenic Design

Wendall K. Harrington

Costume Design

Moritz Junge


Matvi Vaisberg & Maria Prymachenko

Lighting Design

Reed Nakayama


8 dancers


September 23, 2022; Pacific Northwest Ballet

PNB’s 2023 performances of Wartime Elegy are supported by Peter & Peggy Horvitz and Maximilian & Maria Schmeiser. The 2022 world premiere of Alexei Ratmansky’s Wartime Elegy is principally supported by Peter & Peggy Horvitz, with additional support from Leslie Yamada and Aya Stark Hamilton.

Program Notes

“hey guys, play it like our glorious Dovbush* used to celebrate. play!”

“hey musicians, play fast polka, girls get ready and join hands. oh mommy!” 

Translation by Alexei Ratmansky

*Olexa Dovbush was a Ukrainian folk hero, often compared to Robin Hood.

Dedicated to the people of Ukraine.


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